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    Need Help with eDVD

    thanks scott...too bad, i just got done with my first title and after all the time spent figuring it out, i kinda like it. i tried intellidisk too, but that blows (my machines out of the water). is there another alternative? i can't find one... BS
  2. bluestupa

    Need Help with eDVD

    Ok, I am biting the bullet and beginning a real project today, as one of my biggest clients wants an enhanced DVD by next week, and who am I to say that I don't have a clue if this will work or if I can do it. I COULD REALLY USE SOME SUPPORT. The only confusion now, besides all the apparent bugaboos previously posted, is how to design the DVD content. I've reviewed the tutorial VOBS for clues, nothing makes sense there. I need to parse page 22: Chapter 3, Working with EDVD projects, Preparing DVD Video Material. In general, I get the working idea, but here is my project: to document a 3.5 day corporate meeting using video clips & photos of the event, the powerpoints using during the meeting by the presentors, and the final report summarizing the meeting in PDF format. I am using Adobe Production Suite for video editing, special effects, and Encore for menu design and VOB burning. So how do I structure the video materials? And what is that note about UOPS about? I am hoping that if I just enable ALL user actions in Encore, all will be well there. Here is what I am thinking: Video 1.Chapter 1. Menu System with Logo splash screen and audio. End action=Loop forever. Video 2.Chapter 1. Video Menu with Scene Selection Video 3.Chapters 1-x. Video Scenes Video 4.Chapter 1. Photo Slide Show Video 5.Chapter 1.Powerpoint Menu with Index of Presentations (Do I need chapter points/slates for each preso???) Video 6.Chapter 1. PDF file slate Video 7. Chapter 1. Weblinks slate. (here i was thinking I could just point to an HTML index page that I create and include on the DVD...hmmmm...maybe I can do this for the powerpoint menu as well?!?) Is any of this reasonable to build the enhanched DVD? Thanks for you comments and suggestions in advance!!! BS
  3. bluestupa

    Need Help with eDVD

    The more I test eDVD 4 the more I am thinking this product is not good enough for my productions, so perhaps someone who uses this product can help me - there are all kinds of strange things that can go wrong with Interactual v2.6 player (things that would frustrate my clients) - to list a few: * Corporate clients may not be able to install the player due to lockdown PCs. * Autoplay may be set to another DVD player, like Cyberlink, and if that kicks in, the interface to Interactual never comes up, making your ehnhanced DVD look like a turd. * There does not seem to be any error messages (or way to create them) if a link does not work, for example, nothing happens (ie, for example if powerpoint is not installed and there is a link to a .ppt.) * There was a change to IE awile back, where content is blocked in popups, making for a confusing error on the first lauch of the pseudo-IE interactual browser. Is there a fix for that? * I don't see an installer in the /image dir. Shouldn't there be? When a client trys a DVD for the first time, what actually happens? ------------ Then there are annoying eDVD problems during authoring: * The updater to skin editor goes here: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/dvdit/dvdit.html which is not a skin editor. So how do we do that now? * I get messages about a macromedia flash script crashing and I am thinking perhaps eDVD is depending on flash in the interface, and since I am on v8 going to v9 soon from adobe, perhaps there is a problem. * Does this product work on Vista? * The tutorial really rots! After all that linking most of them don't work. And the suggestion to rename the links was totally dumb, as thats the only way to reference back to chapter markers in the vobs. sheesh... But after all this kvetching, I don't know of any other way to do these things...I sure wish I did! Thanks, BS thx BS
  4. Please help. All I want to do is to add a weblink/document link to my DVD creations. I have DVDit, Encore, and a failing-to-activate copy of Sonic eDVD, so none of that is helping. I understand you can't do it from the Encore interface, I was lead to believe you could from DVDit (which was a lie), and Sonic is unresponsive via Email for product activation. So is there another alternative for creating these kinds of links (tools, methods, etc.) I need to get this done asap. thanks! BS
  5. bluestupa

    Does DVDit Pro 6 include eDVD software?

    Whaaa!!!! We got this product because we (well, someone here) read it supported the creation of interactual DVDs. So now we have it installed and no, it does not. Is there an explaination anywhere on how to create an interactual DVD?!? We also had eDVD4 a long time ago, but that seems to be lost. Is that what we need? What about Scenarist, does THAT include the eDVD functions? Thanks! BS