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    Unable To Burn To Dvd-r

  2. josiewales

    Unable To Burn To Dvd-r

    I believe in all actuality that this is a toast issue. I have the same issues as islc52 has had with nearly the same set up. I'm running Mac OS 10.5.5 on an intel based iMac. I have toast 9.0.4. I'm using a Lacie D2 connected via USB 2. When I start to burn a DVD video project (from image as I always save to image first and test out the mounted disc to see if the conversion went smoothly.) the process starts and holds on on writing lead in. All other functions on my computer work fine. In order to finally abort the burning process of have to force quit toast and then restart my mac. I've tried to cancel the project but all it does is give me a warning that my disc may not be usable (which is untrue, as it works fine when I use it the next time.) and then stays on THAT screen indefinitely. On the other hand, when I burn a music CD project, toast works perfectly with my USB connected Lacie D2. I refuse to believe that the only solution to this problem is to connect via firewire. My firewire port is connect to something more important than my external burner. And I'm not a big fan of swapping cables on a regular basis. I have burnt DVDs using Toast 8 with this exact burner connected via USB on my my iBook G4. Is there no real solution to this problem?
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    AVI to DVD Format

    Kinda wish I could trade Popcorn for Toast right about now.. thanks for the response.
  4. josiewales

    AVI to DVD Format

    Basically what I want to know, is Crunch what's missing from popcorn 2? By this I mean specifically, will Crunch convert AVIs (as well as other compressed video formats) to DVD VOB files for use on a standard DVD player? I understand that Toast will do this. But I've already bought Popcorn 2 and now wish that I had that option. On the product page for Crunch it doesn't cover this in detail. All the info is centered around converting down or compressing to iPod and other portable compatible formats. I can already do this with Popcorn 2. I'm not looking to bring the quality up, I just want to make DVD video compatible discs.