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    backing up music disc images to dvd

    I have a feeling this is a stupid question, but I can't seem to find the answer in Toast's help area or online here. I want to back up the music disc images I've created and will back them up on a hard drive. But I also want to back them up via DVDs. First question: Do I choose "Data" or "Audio" from the top tabs? And second question: under Formats at the side, I'm assuming I pick DVD-ROM (UDF)...correct? Remember....I'm backing up disc images, not the original mp3 files.... THANK YOU!
  2. creative13

    How to burn large mp3 file onto multiple CDs

    Yes, I'm trying to make an audio CD and your instructions sound right on. However, I don't own CD SpinDoctor....always wondered why I would want it, and now I know. Thanks!
  3. I have one large mp3 file (about 343mb) which obviously doesn't fit onto one CD. Can Toast 7 burn it onto multiple CDs? I don't know how to divide up the file...can Toast do it automatically some way? Thanks!