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  1. I am wondering where I went wrong..... I captured a half hour streaming video in wmv format. Since I wanted to see it on tv using a dvd player, I converted the wmv to dvd (using WinAvi), then burn using sONIC dIGITAL MEDIA LE v7 that came bundled in my pc. I can play it on my pc and my cheap no name dvd player but I am baffled that both my friends cannot play the dvd (I gave them Sony,Mitsubishi, verbatim, Maxel plus and minus) on their Samsung and Sony players and worst still, on their PCs. Whatever do you think could be the reason??? Did something go wrong during conversion or burning or because of Sonic DLA? Question 2. Before this, I had RecordNow 6. Can anyone advise me if this is better than the above. I've had no problems with both until now, but RecordNow seems simple and straightforward. Pls advise Question 3. Referring to question 1, because each hald hour show is 1GB, I want to puut 3 sessions in it but in my pc, I can play all 3 sessions, on my dvd player, only the first. How would I rectify this? Sonic only allows me to burn as data disc Pls be patient with me, I'm kinda new to this. Thks for any help offered
  2. I went to Create Project , then DVD, then I chose my wmv file, put a title and burned 8x, PAL system for my country. Now that i play it on my dvd player, 1. the audio and video don't go together (how do I solve this pls) 2. the picture has a very very very slight double which is unnoticable but makes the whole kinda blurr compared to the one I converted with WinAvi. I think I prefer the above to do my dvds (hopefully it works on my friends' Samsung n Sony), so pls help me out with Nos. 1 and 2 above. Hmm, I never knew I could do this with Sonic. Do they capture streaming video too?
  3. Oh dear, r u sayng there are two types of DLA.....I just went to Add/Remove prog, and removed the Sonic DLA. Is that the correct one? I see no other DLA Yes, I knew I could get problems burnng as data and wanting it to play on all dvd players, but I just didn't know of any other options. Now that you mentioned the video project section, I want to try that too but have no idea how to start. Can you give me a few simple steps or is there a address I can go to to get step by step instruction. I would need everythin in simple instructions pls. Thanks again.
  4. That's exactly how it looked. I checked and it is now DAO Closed. At the time I burned, it could have been something else because I have tried so many things to figure out my problem. I will burn this at DAO Closed and get back to you when my 2 friends have tested it (since my pc and player plays with no problem ). Do u think DLA is something I should uninstall (when I did today)... T answer your second question, if I just burned it in wmv file, the dvd plays on my pc but not on my dvd player. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to play on most dvd players (since I want to share the dvdrs) and be able to move for session one to sessions 2 and 3 (which I can't at the moment) If u have any other suggestion besides the one above (which I will try), pls do let me know. I will ry it all out and pass the dvdr to my friends at one go since I see them only twice a week. Thks. Looking at your question again about adding the wmv fils to Sonic app and burn.....is this to say that if I burn the wmv files using Sonic Digital media LE v7, it will automatically burn to a dvd format? Well, I don't think mine came out as dvd cos it only played on pc still with the wmv format. Anyway, your suggestion sound so much easier. How exactly should I be doing it. Thks again. Have to scoot now. It's 1am at my place. Chao
  5. Sorry about that... I actually don't quite understand ur questions but I'll try to see if this info helps. I open my WinAvi, choose "convert to DVD", and choose the wmv file that I want converted. After conversion, the converted file goes back to my pc © like this Audio_ts (empty), video_ts (which has IFO,BUP VOB files). I then open up Sonic, click data and all my files appear incl the converted DVD. I just click and it burns. Hope that helped a bit?