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    How Do I Make A Downloadable Audio Cd Image?

    I am trying to make a series of downloadable audio CD's from my podcast, which is in MP3 format. I've created and saved all the CD's as *.disc files, but I can't figure out how to get Toast to save it as an image (ISO or something that Mac and Windows users will all be able to burn). Any suggestions?
  2. Brian Dunning

    Cropping off letterbox bars...

    I've tried everything I could think of. The closest I've gotten was using Handbrake to convert the VIDEO_TS folder into an MP4. Handbrake does an excellent job cropping off the letterboxing. The MP4 it produced is great, but does not play on AppleTV. I tried Crunch to convert that MP4, but the sound sync was way, way off.
  3. Brian Dunning

    Video and audio out of sync after conversion

    Same thing happened to me, converting an MP4 file. By the end of the movie the sound was as much as 2 minutes behind the picture.
  4. Brian Dunning

    Cropping off letterbox bars...

    That's probably what it's supposed to do, but it does not crop out the top & bottom letterboxes. Instead it ADDS an additional set of left & right letterboxes to make the whole movie HD proportions - but again, the actual movie part is just a small rectangle in the middle. Yes, this is when CROP is selected.
  5. Brian Dunning

    Cropping off letterbox bars...

    I have a bunch of movies that I have ripped to HD as VIDEO_TS folders. I've been using Crunch to put them into iTunes for viewing on AppleTV, which works GREAT, and I am a happy camper!!! A few movies are widescreen, but are letterboxed into 4:3. Unfortunately this ratio gets preserved, and when I watch them in AppleTV, the picture is a small rectangle in the middle of my phat plasma, instead of a widescreen movie like it should be. My attempted solution was to use QuickTime Pro to edit the .m4v created by Crunch, and crop out the letterboxes. My hope was that AppleTV would then display the movie full width. The problem is that when you do this in QT Pro, it wants to save the file as a .mov file, which doesn't support tags including cover art. It's possible to Export from QT Pro, but that involves a whole new recompression and many custom settings. Can anyone suggest a better solution to crop out letterboxes on widescreen movies that were recorded with them, and view these movies full width? (Note: I also have Toast 8, if this would help.)