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  1. I purchased Creator 9 as I thought it would be a good solution to transfer and manage my media. I guess I was wrong. I have been unsuccessful in installing the software. I get the error for buffer overrun error. I have tried 2 solutions and reported this but the response to my support questions goes unnoticed. My first attempt to install resulted in the software losing my drivers and burn software on my Dell Laptop. I still do not have this as I cannot get the drivers. I did an unisntall and could not get rid of the roxio software and had to download MS removal utility. I went thru the 2 methods suggested in KB but they were no help as neither one has worked. I reported in the online support but no response as yet. I went back where I purchased the software showing them the email and problems I had and they will not take the software back. There goes $99. They suggested I need more memory on the machine because I have Norton as well. I disabled Norton and still does not work after going thru the install again. I did talk to a tech at Roxio and they guaranteed me I did not need more memory. They provided one of the instructions which is quite detailed to get a piece of software to work. This did not work. I have spent several hours on this and the result is my original burn software is gone along with my Norton because of the software. Also IE does not work and I have to reinstall. I have been in IT for several years and would have never implemented this product on the market with the problems it has. Looks like some heads should roll at Roxio. All I know is I have several hours to get my system back and will probably involve a reimage and thus alot of work thanks to the crack staff at Roxio. PS I AM SURE ROXIO WILL NOT READ THIS
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