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  1. I need to burn few jpg photos on my Mac. Toast 9 will not allow some photos to be sorted in order, before burning. Have I missed something ? Thanks for your advice.
  2. papjoseph

    Unable to burn a disc image ussing Toastlite 6.0.9

    [using Toastlite <Recorder Settings < Record and still getting the img copy and burning only at 4X DVD. Is this another way for us to upgrade to Toast 7 ?
  3. Newbie with Toast. Burning disc image with iDVD5 works well but I like the subtlety of using a slower speed such as 2x which Toast claims. What is the correct procedure ? I have dragged the disc image in the contents section and only a copy of the disc image is recorded. What have I done wrong ? Will upgrade to 6.1 and meanwhile does anyone have an answer ? Thanks
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before. Want to produce a slideshow - 25 photos + 10 mins Music- for older friends, with no knowledge of computers. After burning my CD, will it play on DVD players ? Assistance welcome.