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    Yes, it plays great on my computer WMV, all options. Thanks
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    Running Creator 2012 on: Windows 10 64 bit operating system, please see picture. Not really as it's password protected. All my other videos go in perfectly fine and I can edit them, all mp4s. Just wondering if it just didn't download from Vimeo well. I am downloading it again, says it's got 2 hours left. Thanks for your help.
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    Yes, here you go.
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    No it’s not, just a home video a friend did that I want to edit. Thanks.
  5. Wondering if anyone can help. I am using Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. I have just downloaded a video from Vimeo which is 2GB and mp4, trying to edit in videowave. Once the video is inserted into videowave I get this picture, see below. No picture just sound. Thanks appreciate any help.
  6. Hi there. So i figured out that when I updated my iTunes to the latest version this is when I lost my transitions. So I uninstalled iTunes and Roxio, then installed Roxio again and everything is up and running nicely again. However, now I’m wondering whether I can download the older version of iTunes now and hoping it won’t disturb Roxio again. Thank you for your help. Sylvia
  7. Dear All. Thank you so much for all your great advice. I managed to convert all the files to mkv with DixX plus converter and everything was working fabulous, however, now I find that I cannot put any transitions in, the whole window is empty. Just wondering whether it would be a good idea to remove Roxio and then re-enter it. Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks so much. Sylvia
  8. Hi there. I don’t actually have the SD Card or the camera. I only have the video clips. Thanks.
  9. Can anyone help please. I have about 180 small video clips from a Canon HD camera .MOV and just realised the clips are not compatible with Videowave as the sound speeds up and I only get half the sound in the clips. However, I have tried to convert all the .MOV files to MPEG 2HD in AVC but I cannot see this file ending in the AVC after downloading it onto my Windows 10 64bit. I have tried using DivX Plus Converter to try and get them converted to MKV but I get an error code 140? I am now stuck, would appreciate anyone's help on how I can get this files converted without losing any quality of course and getting them into Videowave. Thanks. Sylvia
  10. Oh my apologies, yes, screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 on an ACER K242HL monitor 24" I was using a BENQ at 2560 x 1440 resolution and same problem, small windows. I must say about 10 days ago I changed the DP to 150% and the Videowave DID enlarge it's windows, however, after changing it back to 100% that night and trying to increase it again the following day, it DID NOT enlarge the windows this time, just the wording as you will see in the picture attached. I did speak to Customer Service at Roxio and they said it was a Windows 10 issue?? So frustrating as it's so hard to edit anything with such a tiny window to work on. Thanks again.
  11. Yes, have tried changing it to 150% and higher but this only enlarges the wordings in the program nothing else and of course the rest of the computer.
  12. Wow!!! Thank you so much d_deweyright. Yes, I deleted the .dat file and all the images came back, THANK YOU!!! (I thought I'd posted this message already but didn't see it, so posting again, sorry if it comes through twice) Thank you Jim_Hardin too for all your help. Still having problems with the scale of the windows in the Roxio Pro 12 though. Using the program on Vista the windows are much larger, especially when editing music and pan and zooming, however, on my Windows 10, when I go to edit a photo/video the window that comes up is so small, I can just about work on it. I have attached two images. Thanks again everyone for your help. Sylvia