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  1. Jinker

    LP and Tape Assistant

    I tried various versions of Creator to digitise my LP's and nothing did what I wanted. My old Crosley case player came with its own software which from what I can tell is a cut down version of the free programme Audacity. I now just record a side keep recording and turn the LP over and go until it finishes. I then split the tracks and name them myself. It seems there's very little out there that will do the job properly of splitting tracks and tagging the songs. I've now bought an Audio Technics turntable and the start up guide just points you to Audacity.
  2. Jinker


    Seems to come up a lot and has various people scratching their head. I googled the error code and there's posts about this going back several years and not just Roxio specific. One response came up with this: This error occurs whenever a video or movie is badly encoded. Note: if code 2147500035 appears while burning it means one or more movies are bad. Either re-download the movie or recreate it if you made it. Mine came from Youtube & needed to be re-downloaded again! Best I can tell you.
  3. I can't remember when they brought out the current version of Roxio Creator NXT but it feels like over a year ago? The latest version of Nero had a few updates but nothing significant so I was wondering is this the last of the Roxio Creator releases or, is there life in the old dog yet? If so what can they bring to the party to make someone want to buy it?
  4. Jinker

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    I was offered a pre-launch special offer last week by email but having looked at what NX 7 offered in comparison to previous versions I respectfully declined the offer. It will be interesting to see feedback from NX 7 users when someone gets round to posting.
  5. Jinker

    Paintshop Pro 7

    I missed buying the last update which was NXT3 as I didn't think that was a big enough jump from NXT2 to warrant the cost but having looked at the latest offering in NXT4 and seeing they've added PaintShop Pro 7 which retails on Amazon for £40.10. I think its time to bust open the wallet again. I've also looked recently at Nero's latest offering and the disquiet on the user forums is something else. Users seem to be discontented they've more or less bought the same programme again or they're having all sorts of problems getting the software to install. I guess there's not a lot you can do with the core of these programmes as DVD burning is going the way of the dinosaur but I think adding PS7 Pro is a winner and just about worth the upgrade asking price alone. Does anybody know if its the full version or a cut down version? Update: I can answer my own question. It's the full version and qualifies you for an upgrade price for PP Pro 8. I had a problem installing NXT4 as it shut down a couple of times half way through the installation. It created a log file which I've kept but on the third attempt after re-booting my PC and disabling Kaspersky Total Security it installed without a glitch. (no need for support anymore) Jinker
  6. Just received a 50% off offer for Creator NXT 3 Pro. In the past this has usually meant they're bringing out a new version pretty soon and as Brendon says; above their timetable in the past suggests it will be at the end of the month or so. I've tried v3 as my brother bought the programme and he was pretty happy with his purchase. I held off from buying as there wasn't enough of a jump from v2 to v3 that warranted the purchase. I'm hoping they come up with something in v4 but what is there that hasn't already happened? Time will tell.
  7. The PaintShop Pro X6 is a good addition and still on sale at Amazon £39.99.
  8. Jinker

    Corel/roxio Update Offer

    Yes, it's for the NXT2 version and not the Pro version as stated earlier but why they didn't offer both versions only they know. Shipping wouldn't be a problem as i would purchase a download version most of the time these days anyway to help save the planet. Comparing the 2 versions has got me torn as the Pro version has a few features i would want. Decisions, decisions.
  9. Jinker

    Corel/roxio Update Offer

    Yes, most definitely. I've managed to find the webpage but this forum is a bit flaky with image boxes or link boxes locking up so I can't post a screenshot or hyperlink. I have the page url though. http://email.roxio.com/hostedemail/email.htm?CID=7850358462&ch=78F9C3D03D63F2383FDD37814144952E&h=5fab633c31a003a78818c4115bea3d74&ei=8HnV0PsPN Jim W
  10. Jinker

    Corel/roxio Update Offer

    I received an email overnight offering me a copy of NXT 2 Pro at half price. Well that's what the heading said but as the rest of the email was totally blank apart from an html file attachment which I of course won't be opening. I returned an email to the Roxio send address asking for them to resend their email as I want to take up their offer. It might be too early for them to reply as its only been 6 hours but as I'm keen to get the half price offer, that's if it exists of course I would like to chase this up somehow. Does anybody know who I should be contacting about this as I can find nothing on their website? Thanks in advance. Jim W
  11. cdanteek There's no option to repair only an option to re-install. The re-install routine recognised the content had already been installed and stated it would have to remove the content before re-installing could take place. I let the whole process finalise then re-booted. The problem is still there. I'm giving up for now but will probably delete the whole programme and try again at the weekend
  12. cdanteek. Thanks for responding. Yes, the content is showing in the Programme and Features section under the control panel. There is no option to point the programme to the content file or folder. Only retry or cancel.
  13. I'm not sure what is confusing? I'm in the NXT section and make reference to the NXT programme being on the same drive as the content, (which was also downloaded as a separate file) and make it clear I don't have a CD or DVD as it was a downloaded version. I did not upgrade to NXT2 because they wanted £54.99 to do so. The programme is asking for the content cd to be placed in my drive. I don't have either a CD or DVD so how do get round this?
  14. I am trying to create a Christmas Card from within the Photo section. However, when I click the template the programme requests the content cd to be inserted in the cd drive. As this was the downloaded version this is obviously not possible. I have tried reinstalling the programme but the problem still exists. It appears the programme doesn't know were the content is installed which is odd as it's on the same drive as the NXT programme. How do I get round this? Thanks in advance