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  1. Jinker

    I want a refund

    Hi Cheers. I'll check it out. Clunky is fine as long as it works. Jim
  2. Jinker

    I want a refund

    Hi No, don't go away. Not before you tell us what free software you found that does what you need. I find I have to use different programmes for different jobs as they all seem to have their problems you need to overcome. Sharewareonsale has Ashampoo Burning Suite for free this week and they did have the pro version of Burnaware for free last week. It's good to talk..... Jim
  3. Jinker

    I want a refund

    Hi I've had problems myself in the past (not that many to be honest) and there's always been someone like Brendon on here to help me out. Give that a go if you do decide to keep the software as you never know there might be an easy answer.
  4. Thanks. I've hunted out the programme box but haven't got round to install the programme yet. You've given me the push I needed.
  5. Hi Brendon Yes, he’s been working between ICU and A&E for the past year and has just moved to a surgical department as he’s training to be an anaesthetist. They could call him back to ICU if this COVID-19 gets out of hand again. We have 3 tiers of local lockdown and we’re currently in 2. Again, thanks for the reply. I’ll try it and see how it goes. I’m not exactly sure what he’s doing but I’ll find out at some point. you’ll have seen we’ve just had a new version announced. Definitely not interested, how about you? jim
  6. Hi Brendon I know this a very old post but I also know you’re still on here helping people so maybe you could help me (again)? my son created something in creator 12 he wants to access but he’s now running Win10. Can you remember in the programme worked okay in Win10 or do I need to install Win7 again using a dual boot programme? He works for the NHS and hasn’t the time at the moment to spend the time checking this out so I’m giving him a hand. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance. Jim
  7. Roxio will know Apple are bringing out Big Sur shortly so why no mention? Catalina compatible but no mention of being ready for what comes next. Hold off would seem sensible to me.
  8. Jinker

    toast 19 crashes

    Seems they're not alone. Nero and Cyberlink come to mind. New version number but very little changes. Nero have had subtitle authoring under consideration for about five years. I won't hold my breath.
  9. Not me and not at this price. I missed 18 as well as I couldn’t see any compelling reason to upgrade from v17.
  10. Jinker

    Toast 18 crashing on Catalina 10.15.6

    The good news is the New Toast 19 I've just had an email about today is fully Catalina compatible. Optimized for Catalina Toast is fully compatible with macOS Catalina. Toast 19 supports macOS Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14, High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12, El Capitan 10.11. (No mention of Big Sur) The bad news is it will cost you $99.99 to upgrade. (£79.99 GBP)
  11. Jinker

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    Hi Brendon I've bought every version of EMC from way back when but skipped the last one because there didn't seem to be a lot different. I'm hoping they come up with something new in a 2020 version even if its a more up to date Corel programme. I can't see what much else they can do with a burning suite so it has to be the add on programmes that add the value. AS well as EMC I've always bought Nero as well and all they seem to have done over the past few years is take stuff away. (dumbed down version) I've asked for a way to include subtitles in video and its been under consideration for years and years. I don't think I'll see that. There are other programmes to use of course but that makes their decision even more strange. How hard can it be? I'm partially deaf and when I create videos I like to add one or two lines of text for my own benefit really. I live in hope.
  12. Jinker

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    Hi Brendon. Thanks for replying. Its what I thought to be honest. As you say; its odd they've included a duplicate file finder. The suite is on offer to me for £39.99 which is a good deal taking into consideration its normal price. I suspect there might be a new version in the offing and as I already have Nero 2020, plus older versions of Creator I'll hang on to the money I think. I've been a bit crazy on my backup filing system and have ended up with half a dozen or more of the same files in different folders on a hard drive and need something that will allow me to delete stuff but without having to click on every file to do so (thousands). I'm hoping to find something that will discover all the duplicates but only keep one master file, deleting the rest when I'm happy to press go. If anybody out there has any ideas please give me a shout.
  13. Jinker

    Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner

    I've just received an email offering me a good deal on Creator NXT 7. I could use the Roxio Genie Disc Cleaner if it does what they say it does, namely identifies duplicated files on a hard drive for deletion as required. Has anybody tried this utility out and what are your thoughts?
  14. Jinker

    LP and Tape Assistant

    I tried various versions of Creator to digitise my LP's and nothing did what I wanted. My old Crosley case player came with its own software which from what I can tell is a cut down version of the free programme Audacity. I now just record a side keep recording and turn the LP over and go until it finishes. I then split the tracks and name them myself. It seems there's very little out there that will do the job properly of splitting tracks and tagging the songs. I've now bought an Audio Technics turntable and the start up guide just points you to Audacity.
  15. Jinker


    Seems to come up a lot and has various people scratching their head. I googled the error code and there's posts about this going back several years and not just Roxio specific. One response came up with this: This error occurs whenever a video or movie is badly encoded. Note: if code 2147500035 appears while burning it means one or more movies are bad. Either re-download the movie or recreate it if you made it. Mine came from Youtube & needed to be re-downloaded again! Best I can tell you.