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  1. It has nothing to do with "blaming" Creator NXT 8.  It is simply a fact that some of its drivers conflicted with Core Isolation/Memory Integrity.  When installed, I could not enable Memory Integrity.  When Creator was totally removed, I could.  So it is a simple fact that there was a conflict with the drivers.  This is not a guess or assumption, but a fact.

    I have been around computers for a very long time, starting with a Commodore 64 in the 1970s, moving up to a 286, and further from there.  While I do not consider myself a computer expert by any means, I am far from a novice.  Being as that I am in my 60s now, there's a good chance (but no certainty) that I've been using computers longer than you have.  Sure, older computers did not have things like Core Isolation/Memory Integrity.  So what?  Are you suggesting that as new, better security features become available that I should simply ignore them?  Sorry, but I am not that naive or stupid, regardless of what you might think.  Back in the "old days" when things like Core Isolation/Memory Integrity did not exist, the threats out there from hackers, malware, etc were also not nearly as bad as they are now.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you are fully aware that in recent years these threats have gotten MUCH worse and much more sophisticated.

    So if your preference is to not use any and all security precautions available to you on your PC, then you are of course perfectly within your rights to do so.  Maybe you have less to protect than I do.  Whatever.  But you have no right to criticize or look down on others that choose differently from you. 

    It is obvious at this point that you do not agree with the idea of "agreeing to disagree", so it's of no use to continue this discussion.  If you choose to rant some more, by all means do so.  Maybe you're just a troll.  No idea.  Just don't expect any more responses from me.

  2. Thank you for your interest.  It is easy to see that you hate Core Isolation/Memory Integrity.  I can assure you that if/when problems arise due to Core Isolation/Memory Integrity I will definitely reassess the situation.  Let's be honest here.  If Microsoft did not think that this feature/option offered concrete benefits, it would not include it in Windows.

    Most online articles DO recommend having it turned on unless, as you say, it causes problems.



    So again, if at some point I find that it is indeed causing problems, I may indeed turn it off.  Until such time though, I will leave it on and search for another multimedia app that will work with it.

    Thanks again for your input.

  3. But that's the point.  Memory Integrity is NOT causing ANY problems with the daily operation of my computer.  It is now running perfectly with it enabled.  It is/was Creator NXT 8 that is/was causing problems with Memory Integrity.  I used Creator NXT 8 on occasion, not every day.  I use Windows security apps/options daily.

  4. Yes, it is Windows 10 telling me that specific Roxio drivers are conflicting with enabling Core Isolation/Memory Integrity.  And by the very fact that once Creator is totally deleted I am finally able to enable it means that the message Windows was giving me is correct.  The level of security a person wants to have on their personal computer is entirely a matter of choice.  For me, I want as much protection as possible, which is one reason I leave User Account Control turned on.  Is it a hassle at times?  Sure.  But a VERY minor hassle for me.

    So to each their own.  I'm sure I can find online articles recommending having Core Isolation/Memory Integrity turned on, just as much as I might some that say it isn't necessary.

  5. I can only turn it on by totally deleting Creator (including registry entries, etc).  So that would mean installing/deleting/reinstalling Creator every time I want to use it, which would be a huge pain.

    And if the entire point of Memory Integrity is additional security, I do not want to run the risk of compromising that security by trying to reinstall Creator while it's enabled.

  6. Actually my post wasn't meant as a simple rant.  I really WOULD appreciate suggestions on good alternatives to Creator NXT 8.  I'd much prefer to keep Creator, but I obviously can't if it conflicts with some Windows security options I want enabled on my PC.  I've seen similar suites from Nero, CyberLink, etc, but I have no idea how they might stack up against Creator NXT 8 in terms of capabilities.

    I don't think that other Corel products would work though, as some of the incompatible Creator NXT 8 drivers are actually identified as Corel.

  7. Can anyone give me some good alternatives to Roxio Creator NXT 8?

    I have been having problems enabling Core Isolation/Memory Integrity in Windows 10 on my desktop.  It appears that some Creator NXT 8 drivers are incompatible (at least on this PC).  These drivers are there even if I do a minimum installation without any of the add-on software options.  Only if I totally delete Creator NXT 8 (including registry items, etc) can my system enable Core Isolation/Memory Integrity.

    I had initially contacted Microsoft tech support to try to fix this, but as the drivers belong to Roxio, they directed me there.  So far though, Roxio tech support has been useless, even with the higher levels of tech support.  The last communication from them told me to contact Microsoft.

    So if anyone knows of another good multimedia editing suite, I would be VERY grateful to hear about it!

  8. I have been trying to enable Core Isolation/Memory Integrity in Windows 10, but keep getting told that is cannot be enabled due to incompatibilities with the following drivers, which I think may have been installed with Creator:






    If these are indeed drivers from Roxio, do I need them?  Can I install newer versions?  How can I fix this?

  9. Oh it ain't just EMC that's the resource hog - anything that has to do rendering will gobble up resources faster than you can throw them at it :P


    Rendering is possibly THE most resource intensive thing going - and if you're rendering a 1 hour movie - you're best going watching TV while it does its thing because it will slow everything down to a crawl.


    That's why we tell people to shut down all background apps while they do it


    As I said, it's not just EMC - Poser on this machine is worse for slowing things down in render - 10 minutes for a complicated frame is nothing (and that's just ONE frame)



    Like I said, I'll take all of your words for it. All I'm saying though is that EMC is the ONLY program on my system right now that causes Vista to go into basic mode. Not Adobe Photoshop. Not any of my very graphic-intensive games. Not anything else. Only EMC. Nothing else needs to be running. I try to keep my startup apps to a bare minimum to preserve resources. But as soon as EMC starts up, or the Roxio file monitoring app starts up when I boot up my system, Vista goes into basic mode and stays there until I quip these programs. So it IS just EMC that is doing this.

  10. OK - put it this way


    Rendering graphics is extremely CPU and GPU intensive - it takes just about everything available and even then takes a lot of time and power. This isn't peculiar to just Roxio - I have Poser here and when I go to 'flesh out' a still frame, the computer more or less locks up for 5 - 10 minutes as it does its job.


    Pixar (who don't do their rendering on a desktop machine, but on 'farms' of multi-core, tons of RAM, dedicated machines) will tell you that the final rendering takes ages.


    Running the Aero desktop is taking away from what is available to the rendering process - so it gets shut down (there simply isn't sufficient resources left to run it)


    That is why we tell people who are having problems to shut down ALL background running apps - to let the computer have what it needs



    Okay, I'll take your word for it. It just seems odd to me that EMC9 would use so much more of the CPU and GPU, be so much more graphics intensive, than any of my extremely graphics intensive games or Adobe Photoshop, or anything else like that. None of these other graphics intensive apps causes my Vista to go into basic mode. I could perhaps see it if I was using EMC9 to edit some graphics, DVDs, etc, but I'm not. Just seems a bit strange to me. I never realized that EMC was such a resource hog!

  11. My guess is that songs purchased from Urge can only be burned with WMP.Since it's partially a Microsoft service that installs WMP11 when installed I think it's a reasonable guess.It would be just like only being able to burn songs from iTunes with the iTunes software.The burn license probably restricts you to burning with WMP.



    Thanks to everyone for the info regarding Easy Media Creator 9 not seeing some of my music files!


    Now, getting back to the first question....does anyone know why Easy Media Creator 9 and the other included Roxio apps are forcing my Vista Premium to go into basic mode?

  12. The switch from Aero could be down to your graphics system - what card are you using and how much memory is on it? Also, have you updated the drivers from the card maker (and NOT from MS)?


    The 'permissions' issue on your files is almost certainly Vista's DRM stopping you burning them



    I have a Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT OC graphics card with 256mb of memory and latest Nvidia drivers. Even running games with intensive graphics does not cause Vista to switch to basic.


    What am I supposed to do about the Vista DRM thing? I thought installing the latest 32-bit patch solved this?


    Thanks for the input!

  13. Can anyone tell me what's going on here?

    I recently purchased Easy Media Creator 9, installed it on a Vista Premium machine, installed the lastest 32-bit patch...

    Whenever I run Easy Media Creator 9, or have the file monitoring system active, Vista tells me that it is switching to basic mode (non-Aero), and will switch back when these programs stop running.

    Can anyone tell me a fix for this?

    Maybe I missed this in previous posts. If so, my apologies.


    Also, and I don't know if this has to do with running on a Vista machine or not but, Easy Media Creator 9 does not "see" or accept some song files I purchased (by the track, not through subscription) online from URGE.com. The program tells me that I either do not have a proper burn license for these files, or the max number of burns was used. Neither of these are true.