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    Video Editing with VideoWave

    Your video card doesn't meet the minimum requirements. You can try updating your video card drivers, and it may work, but keep the above point in mind. http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp
  2. TOTG

    Support? Funny.

    Alright, another example. Titan quest. That game would crash after 5 minutes of playing. Two months in, no patch. I recently revisited the game -- I think its been out for half a year, or perhaps even an entire year. They've fixed the 5 minute crash, but I still get crashes halfway through the game. The "reality" is, it happens. Complaining on a user forum isn't going to get the patch out any faster, especially because there is probably no one who can affect the development of the patch reading this.
  3. TOTG

    Internet Explorer Script Error

    Does this happen with all DVDs that you have tried? or only this one? Is internet explorer running when you get that error? I don't know what is included in the DE version -- are you using disc copier, or the home menu to copy the DVD? You can try a repair install of IE 7 or your EMC 9 DE...
  4. TOTG

    Support? Funny.

    Wow, my mom told me that quote like 10 years ago... and its so true, though I didn't care at the time.
  5. TOTG

    Handicap visual mode after installing

    I too dislike steak. For shame! When IS the fourth of July? And why isn't it now? Butterflies are out to get me. Me, myself and Irene. I hate Irene. English is overrated. Think of how much more we could accomplish if we all spoke like thus.
  6. TOTG

    Support? Funny.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl -- Original Release Date: September 13, 2006 Current expected Release Date: December 3 Spore -- Original Release Date: sometime in 2006. Current expected release date: sometime in 2008, perhaps even 2009. Those are the first two examples off the top of my head. Computer products get pushed back all the time. If the company makes a release date, and then doesn't meet it, people sit around and complain "Why state a release date when you can't meet it". When the company doesn't make a release date, like in this situation, people apparantly sit around and complain "Why don't they come up with a release date".
  7. TOTG

    Toast Crashing on My Mac --- Just downloaded

    Thats pretty funny. The exact opposite is being complained about in the EMC forum. They have the 9.1 update for sale, but if you have 9.0 theres no updater available yet. Most of the time when you purchase new software it isn't the latest version. I don't know if I've ever purchased a product without there being an update for it somewhere...
  8. TOTG

    Motion Picture HD - Quicktime Export Error

    Its a problem with the latest quicktime version. Roll back a version in quicktime.
  9. TOTG

    How do I invoke Drag to Disc?

    Invoke? Try sacrificing a goat or something like that. But more seriously, I don't know what comes with the DE version, so it might not have been included. I have heard of people with the DE version having Drag to Disc, so you might have it. Try grandpabruce's suggestion to launch it, and if you want to autolaunch it upon startup, go to start->Run and type in msconfig. Go to the startup tab. Look for "DrgToDsc". If it isn't there, you might want to consider a repair install or a complete reinstall. That being said, don't use drag to disc for long-term storage. You might wind up regretting it.
  10. Did you try installing Toast and its extras properly? I.E. did you drag the "Toast Folder" off of the CD and into applications, or did you open the "Toast Folder" and drag all of the icons into applications? (The second one is the correct method...)
  11. TOTG

    Loading Sample Media

    You can't do it directly. Probably because of the fact that the templates are folders on your hard drive, and not files, and because of restrictions within those folders, the developers decided not to allow custom templates. You can still access the the stuff thats in the templates by navigating to C:\Program Files\Roxio\DVDit Pro HD\Content\Templates. Pick a template, and you'll see a bunch of files/folders in there, including "Images", "Button Objects", "Frames", and "Navigation Buttons". You can use the other tabs in MyDVD to import the apropriate parts of the template that you want, and then you can re-create the template menu. For example, to recreate the Architectural template, go to the images tab, and import the only image thats in C:\Program Files\Roxio\DVDit Pro HD\Content\Templates\Architectural\Images. Then repeat with C:\Program Files\Roxio\DVDit Pro HD\Content\Templates\Architectural\Navigation Buttons, etc... Now just reconstruct the menu. Or, just let DVDIt take its time at the start, and let it import everything to begin with.
  12. TOTG

    A clean and reinstall

    "will not load" doesn't tell us much. What error messages do you get? At what point in the install do you get the error message? What operating system do you have?
  13. TOTG

    Great Support

    "Try different brand of media" That means try a different manufacturer, I.E. Verbatim.
  14. TOTG

    Motion Pictures Crashes during Export

    I was able to replicate your problem... The problem lies with the quicktime update, not with iTunes. Try rolling back to QT 7.1.3 for now.
  15. TOTG

    Crash on (video)DVD Burn.

    Please post in full english sentances. Have you tried reinstalling Toast? Has this problem always been present? What changes did you make to your computer if it only recently started doing this?