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    6.0 plat

    Is Nero's InCD installed? If so, remove it and drag-to-disc. The two conflict, and its not a great idea to have either of them on your system. Also, If you have IE 7 or WMP 11 installed, roll back to the previous version of each.
  2. Actually, it is possible to do this -- If the overlay is on the internal track, then any transition applied to that track will also affect the overlay. Knowledge is Power; Power++;
  3. There are multiple "audio portions" of the program. If you go to help->About, what is the name of the program that you are using? Also, you can't download songs with any roxio program. Please elaborate.
  4. So disable it via MSConfig... Put in a quicklaunch icon if having fast access to drag-to-disc is that important.
  5. That card is definetly not a new card, and is why you are running into problems. You said you purchased this card specifically to work with hardware rendering, so are you sure this is the card you purchased? If it is, then you bought the wrong card. If it isn't, then your computer isn't recognizing your card, so you probably have the wrong drivers installed for it.
  6. TOTG

    Video Convert opens into Disk Copier

    I'm pretty sure it always opens disc copier when you want to convert -- There is a "Video Compilation tab" that you can convert videos with in it. You can also just use videowave -- Windows Start Menu->All Programs->Roxio EMC 9->Video->Videowave
  7. TOTG

    Problems burning 90 min cds with Toast 8

    Okay, thanks for posting back with your success, and congrats on getting it working The problem with error messages is they are given by the drive itself, and there are usually multiple potential sources for one specific problem. There are some sense code errors that, if you look them up on google, you can find a more accurate description of the problem. Some don't though.
  8. Update printer drivers. They can usually be found on the printer manufacturer's website. What printer do you have?
  9. TOTG

    Video Capture

    Supported capture devices. http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000067CR Check and see if you're on the list.
  10. TOTG

    Problems burning 90 min cds with Toast 8

    Sense key errors are drive error reports. Try using different media. Check on the drive-makers website for the types of CDs that they tested.
  11. TOTG

    Error While Burning Image

    Where did you check the driver? If you checked with the device manager, then the drivers probably aren't up to date. The Device Manager is wrong a very large portion of the time. Check on the NVidia website. Also, try a different type of DVD (Verbatim is recommended). Search the forums for "80004003".
  12. Reinstalled everything? Did you reinstall the drivers for your combobox?
  13. TOTG

    C:0013:00 Disc is dirty

    Where are you trying to play it? Have you tried playing it on multiple players? How old is the player you were playing it on? Has this happened with other home-made DVDs? The lense on your drive may need cleaning...
  14. TOTG

    blurry dvd results

    Go to tools->Project Settings. Check that the settings there are as they should be. If you play back the slideshow on your computer, does it still "look like crap"?
  15. TOTG

    Problem with dvdit pro hd

    Pagefile is the same as virtual memory. http://www.johntp.com/2006/02/11/optimizing-the-page-file/ Theres XP. I imagine it is similar in vista. Try the defragment for your XP partition, and install to the XP partition.
  16. TOTG

    Problem with dvdit pro hd

    DVDIt isn't supported for vista... Theres no guarantee that it will work on it... I don't have vista, but do a search for disk defragmenter, or consult the all-knowning google: here. And yeah, don't use your computer while its defragmenting.
  17. TOTG

    Problem with dvdit pro hd

    Page file should be 2 to 2.5 times your ram... Thats a lot of pagefile... (6-7.5 gigs) You can try defragmenting your hard drive.
  18. List of Supported Peripherals for EMC 9
  19. TOTG

    RecordNow 6.7 Error Message

    Contact your PC manufacturer. They can get you the install CD.
  20. TOTG

    Pictures on Chapter buttons

    Click on "Change Button Style" (In the edit pane, or in "DVD Menu"), and drag one with a picture of a butterfly (Signifying a thumbnail) onto one of your currently existing buttons. Then you can change the thumbnail by right clicking on it, and selecting "select thumbnail"
  21. TOTG

    Launch Issue

    Did you have any anti-virus software running when you installed it? If so, you should try a reinstall with the anti-virus software shut down. (Open up MSConfig and disable all) It also happens when dlls are registered incorrectly. Unfortunately, I don't know which dlls those would be, so you can either wait for someone who does, or you can try the reinstall, and reinstall to the default C:/Program Files/... directory.
  22. TOTG

    Can't burn image...

    There are some BD specifications that weren't there for DVDs. For example, DVDs allow you to have overlapping buttons, while BD doesn't. BD also doesn't like unlinked buttons. If DVDit gave you a warning message about these prior to the burn, it can't hurt to investigate. I don't think those are the only limitations, but those are the ones that I can recall for now.
  23. Well, I guess it depends on how automatic you want it. If you want it to detect when you've connected your blackberry, and transfer the files, then no, it won't do that. But you can just transfer all files. If you keep naming conventions the same, it should overwrite old files with newer ones and such, as is the windows convention. So short answer, no, it can't do what you want it to do.
  24. Did you updated your video card's drivers? Did you remove WMP 11?
  25. TOTG


    Reinstall? You don't give much information; what error messages are you getting?