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    can i do this with roxio creator le?

    This would be a how to/usability question, so its technically in the wrong section. Theres two ways to do this. The first is to edit the clips manually in sound editor. Its worth a try to do it this way once so you can learn how to use sound editor. The second is: in music disc creator, change the fade type so it is however you want it to (Go with the diagonal line for a basic fade out/in.). Then, in the transition column, change the transition type so it is set to overlap. Change the duration for the overlap, and you now have what you want. edited for grammer.. might change it later because the second sentance still doesn't seem to flow properly. There we go, got it.
  2. Did you update your video card drivers? Try the suggestions posted throughout this thread that mfsumption had already tried. "Me Too" posts don't really give us enough informatino to help you.
  3. TOTG

    Will Backup My PC 6 run on Vista?

    Check the updates tab in the welcome area on the home menu.
  4. TOTG

    All photos missing

    Did you move the original files? Videowave uses links to all of the photos/videos to save space, so if you moved or deleted the original files, then they're gone. Were the photos/videos stored locally, or on a network?
  5. It was moved over here probably because the members of the EMC 9 board had no clue what product you were referring to. The IPod automatically transfers all songs over because It knows to only transfer audio files over. A blackberry can hold any type of file, so an auto transfer would, in theory, transfer every file from your computer onto the blackberry... Not a good plan. If you want, you can just use windows explorer to copy all the files you want to transfer over into a folder, and then just move that folder over. Please note: I don't actually have your product, I'm just generalizing from what I know about transferring files.
  6. TOTG

    PowerDVD_Ultra compatibility

    If you create a disc image, does it play back properly? (Use a program like daemon tools to test this.) Does the BD disc work on an actual player?
  7. If you have both Nero and Roxio, do you have both Drag-to-Disc and InCD installed? Remove one (or both) from your system, because they will cause conflict problems. You can also try updating your firmware. What error messages are you getting ("Not been able to use" isn't very descriptive).
  8. TOTG

    Problem with CDDBUI.dll in Vista

    It seems to be different for each person. I've tested out my home menu a couple of times within half an hour of someone posting their "home menu problem", and it always worked just fine. Its possible the problem comes from firewalls and such. Maybe a cleaning of cookies and temp files can fix it, or maybe there are some settings within a router?
  9. Did you try the clean installation routine? WMP 11 and IE 7 is probably gone, any previous installs of Roxio Software on your computer before you installed EMC 9?
  10. TOTG

    Disc Copier

    Check that the updates didn't install WMP 11 or IE 7. They can corrupt your install. If they were installed, rollback and see if it'll work.
  11. TOTG

    Cloning yourself using video wave

    If they are two separate video files, you can add the two files as overlays. Otherwise, do as malatekid suggested and give us some more information on your project please.
  12. TOTG

    DVD-RW as Harddisk

    Were you using Drag-to-Disc (D2D) in v8? Did you close the disc when you were done with it? If you left it open, then I don't think v9 D2D will be able to read it. Either way, you really shouldn't be entrusting the only copy of your important files to packet writing software, especially not on RW media. Load up v8, close your DVD, and then try and open with v9 (You'll probably have to re-install v8, which might cause you to run into some problems if you don't clean install.)
  13. TOTG

    BackupMyPC 7.10 upgrade broken?

    Do you have Vista? I believe the BackupMyPC patch is for Vista only. Where did you get the '7.1.0 update' from?
  14. TOTG

    EMC9 - Vista Ultimate - WMP11 - problems

    People got 9.1 by purchasing a new version of EMC 9 suite directly from Roxio, recently. As for your problem, try switching to software rendering in Videowave (Tools->Options).
  15. You said you tried "all the various tips and tricks", but that doesn't tell us which ones you've tried. What video card do you have, and can you please post the driver date of it. (Available in DXDiag) Did you switch to software rendering? Did you open the program via the start->All Programs->etc... Method? [edit] Also, XP or Vista?
  16. TOTG

    Corrupted CD

    We didn't do as extensive testing as you did, just a few small things that we thought might screw up the writing process. Also, I think we used V8, and R media, and we didn't store them for very long (about 10-15 seconds ) I'm not sure what media we used either, though that definetly can play into it. But anyways, I think this has gotten off topic now, so I'm not going to post any more in this thread after this. PM me if necessary (Probably shouldn't be, but eh, thats your call)
  17. TOTG

    Toast 8 doesn`t burn DVDs faster than 8x

    Yes, the firmware for the drive. Just because the drive is new, doesn't mean the firmware is. Actually, just because you "just purchased" the drive, doesn't mean the drive is new. It could, in theory, be a couple of years old. Check the manufacturor's site for firmware updates.
  18. Theres nothing that will show up. Just run your usual video player, put a DVD in the drive, and it should play.
  19. TOTG

    End Action Issues

    The end action of buttons overrides the end action of titles. Double check the end action of your buttons, and make sure nothing wonky is going on there.
  20. TOTG

    RecordNow 6.7 Error Message

    http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...;hl=Office+2007 Do a bit of searching. This problem can probably be fixed with a reinstall of either office, or of both. I'd suggest that if you reinstall both, you install office second first, because installing office second corrupted EMC 9.
  21. TOTG

    Skipping during playback

    Did you try burning at a lower speed or creating an ISO as suggested?
  22. TOTG

    Don't wait 31 days to return EMC 9

    I'm implying that the only reason that I could think of to change users was to prevent access to certain programs and files. A-La school systems. Personally, whenever someone uses my computer, I make sure that they never change any of my settings, such as background, screensaver, etc. But then again, I don't share my computer with my family very often, and I doubt I could stand doing so. Meh. I didn't shut of windows defender when installing, and it works great, but a couple of people's problems have been solved by that. As for keeping it on topic, the topic was "Return the product before 30 days or you can't". I agree with you in that regard... If you try to claim the warrenty on a dishwasher one day after the warrenty is up, you generally won't get help with it. (Unless you bought it from somewhere that is willing to waste a lot of money on customer support). In your case, it would have been twice the duration, so more like 3 years after the warrenty is up. Give the windows defender shut off a try. afterthought: all of your issues sound like they're stemming from one cause
  23. TOTG


    Was windows defender or other anti-virus software running when you were doing the "clean installs"
  24. TOTG

    Don't wait 31 days to return EMC 9

    I tried your test. It works fine. Was your install pre-creating the new user, or post-creating the new user? I created the new admin user after EMC 9 was installed, and it worked fine. Personally, I don't see the need for multiple users -> I don't have anything to hide from other people. Just password protect some folders if you really need the security. But, as for getting it working, are programs like windows defender or all that other security crap running? Also, I've read several cases where people have "tried the same thing over and over again" only to have it work on their 6th try. This is because they don't follow all the instructions, or they run into an error and just skip that step in the instructions. Then, on their 6th try, they finally get pissed off and do every single instruction as listed. Lo and behold, it works!
  25. TOTG

    Corrupted CD

    I think Lynn has an aversion to assumptions made with the technology, not the technology itself. If you aren't careful, Packet Writing software will screw you over. However, it has its uses, such as convenience. An interesting experiment; a couple of friends and I tried to force D2D to corrupt a Disc. One friend unplugged his computer half-way through the burn. None of us actually managed to get a corrupted disc in the end. In general, I don't believe that you should only have one backup of important data. This is where most problems lie. If you only have one copy of it, then murphy's law is going to kick in, no matter what you have it written to.