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    Convert PC Versions To Toast?

    I doubt you can, but call roxio directly and try. This is a user forum.
  2. TOTG

    Diagnostic Traces and DrvmCDB

    Do you have any sonic programs? http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-515617-1.php Reinstalling fixes the issue.
  3. TOTG

    MyDVD not there after reinstall

    Reinstall again, but turn off any anti-virus software, and turn off windows defender while you do it.
  4. TOTG

    recornNow 6

    What changed from when it worked and now? How old is the drive? Could be that the drive is going. Can it read any CDs? Can you try and burn with the default windows burner and see if that works please.
  5. I believe RecordNow 9 is basically just the EMC 9 Home menu. If you provide a description of the interface along with your problem, people might be able to figure out exactly what part of their suite you are using.
  6. First update to Toast 8.0.1 If that doesn't work, then you should be able to get the firmware upates from your drive's manufaturor's website.
  7. If you've already started on your movie, then it might keep the old button styles. Try doing what malatekid said, and drag the button style onto your button.
  8. If you only have three menu styles, it sounds like you never installed the content disc. Do that if you havn't.
  9. If I remember correctly, this is not available on main menus. If you add your entire movie, right click on it and select "Edit Chapters", it will create a chapter menu. From this chapter menu, you can edit the thumbnails of each chapter.
  10. Does your drive support DVD-RW? Also, do you have Toast 8.0.1 and Mac OS 10.4.9? Also, update the firmware for your drive.
  11. TOTG

    Will Backup My PC 6 run on Vista?

    First of all, please don't revive really old topics. Secondly, there is a patch available now.
  12. TOTG

    Where can I compression when copying?

    If you're trying to copy a DVD, then in theory shouldn't it fit on a DVD? Unless you're trying to copy a DL DVD onto a single layer DVD. If you're trying to copy from a DL to a SL, I don't think you'll ever be able to compress enough to fit it on there (And if you do, I give no guarantees that you'll still have uncorrupt data left at the end). Also, compression for data is done by zipping (Or whatever method you choose). Are you trying to copy a data DVD or a video DVD? Also, which program are you using? Tell us some more about this copying please. Also make sure that you aren't trying to burn to a CD (In the toast settings)
  13. TOTG

    Disc copier

    Assuming that you purchased the full version of Easy Media Creator 9, just do a repair install or a reinstall. A clean install shouldn't be necessary yet, but it may come to that. If you have vista, be sure to disable windows defender when installing, and irregardless of your system, be sure to shut off any anti-virus software while installing.
  14. TOTG

    Video_TS verification error.....

    Do all of your discs fail the verification? What type of media are you using? If they play properly, I wouldn't worry about it, but depending on the type of media you are using, you can always try a different one.
  15. What happens when you try and burn? Are you given any error messages? Does the drive just not show up?
  16. TOTG

    Strange behaviour and problems

    Lol, well, notepad shouldn't be hogging up enough resources to give you an out of memory error. Hopefully after you increased your pagefile it will prevent the error. Actually, one of the problems I've found with computers is: the more memory they have, the more they use. Just watching the idle process sometimes. And don't even try looking at a Mac... 10GB page files... Good luck with your workaround .
  17. I can't launch my program. There is no specific program to launch with the decoder pack. Just use WMP. my windows media says there is no disc in drive This has nothing to do with the decoder pack. This is a WMP issue. Can your drive read the CD? Right click on the CD drive and select "Explore". If there are files on there, then the problem lies with WMP. If not, then the problem is your drive. You can try updating your Video Card Drivers and make sure that you have the latest DX installed.
  18. TOTG

    Can I export a Subtitle

    Sorry, no exportation, only importing subtitles.
  19. TOTG

    Strange behaviour and problems

    Were you clicking the button with your mouse? DVD Players lack a pointing device. Card should be fine, system requirements ask for a 16 MB card . Your system is pretty good and meets everything I can see. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your card. Do you run any other applications while DVDit Pro is running? That could definetly be the cause of the error. Does your computer have any viruses on it? Never hurts to check. (Well, technically I've found many instances where it does, but lets not get into that. Use a virus scanner you trust.) Other than that, I think all I can do is provide a workaround. Use the import subtitles option, and write the subtitles in a separate text document. It allows you to avoid the problem entirely .
  20. Check the discs on your computer's DVD drive. If all the files are there, then the problem is your DVD player. Many players don't like certain burnt discs. What Media are you using?
  21. TOTG

    Adding intro screen and prepacked (roxio music)

    Your limewire library is just a collection of files. If you can locate the files on your computer, then you can add them to your roxio production.
  22. TOTG

    Strange behaviour and problems

    How much physical and virtual memory do you have? How much space is left on your hard drive(s)? What are your video card specs? You can try increasing your virtual memory, but the information would be helpful.
  23. TOTG

    Roxio MyDVD for Canon

    Did you install the software? Did you opt to have start shortcuts or desktop shortcuts placed? Check your C:/Program Files/ directory and see if you can find the product there. Check the Add/Remove Programs box, and see if it is there. If it is, remove it and reinstall.
  24. Fault bucket errors are microsoft generated errors. From what I read, there should be some other error that accompanies it. Here is some information from microsoft on Event ID 1001.
  25. TOTG

    Roxio Home Menu

    What did you do after your system crashed, and what caused it to crash? If you didn't fix it properly, it can cause plenty of problems...