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    Menu Question

    Actually, if you right click on the title button, and select "show settings", you can get it to go wherever you want once the movie is finished playing by changing the "After Playing" part.
  2. TOTG

    how NOT to finalize a music disc

    I don't think you can actually do this with audio CDs, as CD Players won't support this. The music CD would not be playable in most CD Players while it was still "open", and even when it was closed, I don't think it would be compatible with most CD Players. As it is, I think Music Disc Creator prevents you from leaving the CD open for this very reason. You can create a data cd that is left open, and will allow you to write more to it later, but once again, this won't be compatible with CD Players.
  3. TOTG

    Toast 8.01

    Are you having the same problem as douglashh? Did you try contacting Roxio?
  4. TOTG

    Toast 8 doesn't Open Jam documents

    Try updating to Toast 8.01.
  5. TOTG

    Toast 8.01

    If you are getting an invalid CD Key error after the update, you will have to contact roxio directly. This is a user forum, and we can't help you with a CD Key problem.
  6. Nope, no errors, sorry. You might want to remove both WME and all Roxio programs from your computer (using clean install), and install them in the order: 1) EMC 9 2) WME and see if that works for you... It is possible, however, that you have installed some other program which added or changed that codec... What else changed between when you last used WME and this time?
  7. TOTG

    Overburn Option?

    When do you get the error messages? What are you doing when you get them? If you burn a CD Layout to a DVD, only a DVD player will be able to play it. CD readers can only read CDs and mini CDs. The reverse is not true, however. Many DVD readers can read most CDs (Take, for example, the DVD reader in your computer). Unfortunately, many DVD players have problems reading CDs.
  8. TOTG

    update to 8.01

    What do you mean by it won't accept your information? Have you already downloaded the update and are trying to install it? If you mean it isn't accepting your CD Key, you will have to contact Roxio directly. Please give some more information.
  9. TOTG

    Toast 8 doesn`t burn DVDs faster than 8x

    Did you try updating your firmware?
  10. I installed WME 9 on my computer, and it ran fine (I don't know how to use the program, and I'm not sure how you are getting the error message -- Perhaps you can let me know how and when you are getting the error, and I can investigate a bit further). All I have on this computer is EMC 9, and I did a bit of searching, and I couldn't even find the .dll you were referring to.
  11. Thats pretty odd... What are your source files, and what kind of discs did you use? Try creating a couple of test images. On one, use your original project. On the other, use some different files, and a different menu. Once you've done this, try and play back both of these on your computer (Don't bother wasting any DVDs yet), and see if anything good happens.
  12. What product did you purchase, and who did you purchase it from? If you bought "MyDVD Studio", you bought a toned down version of MyDVD. ($49.99 @ roxio website) If you bought "MyDVD Studio Premier", you bought the MyDVD portion of EMC 9. ($69.99 @ roxio website) If you bought "Easy Media Creator 9", you got the full suite, including VideoWave. ($79.99 @ roxio website) From the sounds of the price you paid, you either bought the MyDVD Studio Premier, or MyDVD Studio. If this is the case, you unfortunately have no access to VideoWave. The "full" version you are referring to is probably "Easy Media Creator 9" (EMC 9). Now, to address your actual problem. Add Slideshow I did some testing to double check this, and if you used the slideshow assistant to add all of your photos, the minimum time that MyDVD allows you to have your photos displayed for is 2.00 seconds. With 18 minutes of audio, thats 590 pictures, so that might be where your problem is fitting in. Add new Movie If you go to add new movie, and then select "edit movie", you wind up in a Videowave-esque screen. I'm not sure what will happen if you do this in your MyDVD Studio [Premier?]. From here you can much more easily customize how your photos are displayed, but it will take much more time to do. I was able to highlite a few photos and add them with the "Add new Movie" button from the MyDVD main menu, and it just threw them in a movie with no transitions, and the default duration. You can just edit the length of the photos from here. And now for the last part Because this program is MyDVD, the standard for DVDs is a certain number of frames per second. If your settings were 30 frames per second, doing the math thats 0.033 seconds per frame, which would explain the amount that it is letting you change the duration by. (1.07-1.03 = 0.04, but if you increase it from 1.07, it jumps to 1.10 which = 0.03. So the program rounds.) Potential workaround Do the "Add New Movie" method, and just make the last slide 2 or 3 seconds longer than it usually is to make up for the extra audio time.
  13. Did you have any roxio/sonic software that was on your computer before you installed EMC 9? It is always a good idea to remove any OEM versions of the software before installing the new versions. Also, did you try reinstalling WME 9?
  14. TOTG

    reinstalling problems

    Did you look through your registry and make sure that there were no files? Did you use the windows installer clean up utility? Did you try these AFTER you started getting the installation problems?
  15. TOTG

    Corrupt Installation?

    I'll have to say do a clean install using the knowledgebase article here (http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000086CR) Be sure to follow it step for step, and if you run into problems, don't skip the step. Instead, post back here and we'll do what we can to walk you through it.
  16. TOTG

    Use "Spotlight" on video

    (Note: This is the how-to I interpreted from your post... If it is incorrect, please let me know.) You can create a pretty cool spotlight effect in PhotoSuite 9. Just create a large (larger than your production window) black box, and then use the mask/cutout by shape to cut out a circle. If you want, you can add a spiffy edge effect to this to make it more spotlightey. Now you can change your transparency settings for the overall project, in order to make the black part darken your production, rather than cover it up entirely. Finally, use the Mask/Cutout by colour tool, select the black part, and then "Create Cutout". You should get a small option box. Select "Save masked area to file". Now you have a spiffy spotlight . You can import this picture into videowave.
  17. http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/cineplay...a/overview.html It runs with Windows Media Player. Start that up and you should be able to play DVDs with it...
  18. TOTG

    Proxy Manager Has stopped working

    Do you have the program called "Proxy Manager" Installed? If not, this sounds like a virus or such... What is the exact error message?
  19. TOTG

    Toast 6 7 8 and Popcorn won't force quit

    Try trashing your plists. When toast re-launches it should create new ones.
  20. TOTG

    Disable MMTray

    Thats really odd... You probably won't like this, but you can try doing a repair install and then seeing if it comes back, then disabling it, or in the worst case, just complete reinstall, and it should pop up, but that would kind of invalidate the point of removing the bulk... As far as I know, roxio is meant to come with the bulk...
  21. TOTG

    Disable MMTray

    Start->Run. Type in MSConfig. Startup tab. From there, you can disable it on startups. If you didn't install it, it sounds kind of odd that its there... Let me know if it actually shows up in the MSConfig startup tab...
  22. TOTG

    Incremental Backup option

    Thats what an incremental backup is -- It only backs up any files that have been changed.
  23. TOTG

    I want to burn an .avi file into a PAL dvd...

    I'm pretty sure it will because Toast will re-encode the video. You may run into some random conversion problems, so when you view it on your DVD player it won't look perfect. Someone who knows more about encoding can correct me if i'm too off here though...
  24. TOTG

    Apple DVD Player keeps restarting when I use Toast 8

    What operations in toast cause the DVD player to restart? Does it restart the movie, does it restart the program, or does it start playing a different movie?
  25. TOTG

    Toast Question!

    How much space is left on your hard drive? When you burn to a CD or DVD, you need some temp space on your computer.