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    Data CD Using Roxio 5.3.5

    What program are you using? This is a Toast 8 forum, and when I did a google search for Toast 5.3.5, all I could find was Easy CD and DVD creator 5...
  2. TOTG

    Copying and Modifying Hybrid CD

    I tested this out with a disc image, so you might not get the same results with the CD, but you can always just "copy" the CD to an image file. When I mounted the image file, It created two virtual CDs, one for Mac, and one for PC. They were both labelled the same, so I had to remember which was which, but I still had all the files between those virtual drives. Try copying the disc to an image and see if you can get the same results I had.
  3. TOTG

    I want to burn an .avi file into a PAL dvd...

    Toast->Preferences, Audio/Video tab. NTSC / PAL is there in radio-button form. The .avi files were probably in PAL form, but the disc you burnt was in NTSC form, because toast was set to that.
  4. TOTG

    Medium Error

    Try creating an image instead of burning to the disk. If that works, burn the image. Let us know how it goes, please.
  5. TOTG

    Toast 8 doesn`t burn DVDs faster than 8x

    Read speed is not based on the DVD, it is based on the drive. What are you comparing your DVD read speed to when you say it is "slow"? "best" speed is the fastest speed that your drive tells toast that it can write at. The fastest speed is a combination of what disc you are using, and the firmware on your drive. Both of you can try updating the firmware on your drive, and seeing if that fixes your problem.
  6. TOTG

    Copying and Modifying Hybrid CD

    Since it is a hybrid, can't you just open up the CD, copy the files out, update any files that need to be updated, and then burn the result using toast?
  7. It's in the Start->control panel->Software updates application.
  8. TOTG

    Audio Capture

    If you are trying to capture what is being played, that is only available if your sound card supports it. When you had XP (and 7.5), was it on a different computer? I.E. With a different sound card.
  9. TOTG


    I believe that patch is supposed to fix the EMC 9 version that comes with dell computers (Its an extremely light version of EMC 9). Sorry, was thinking of something else when I wrote this... Reading your other post, you said you were using the "Copy DVD Movie" window. This is just Disc Copier, so try accessing it via the Start->All programs->Roxio EMC 9->Copy->Disc Copier path instead. One thing to try is: create a Disc Image. From the Disc Copier menu, select your Video_TS folder, and on the right drop-down menu, select "Disc Image". Let me know if that is successfully created.
  10. For those who keep saying they havn't found it, the ThinkOfferings update is available from start->Software updates (or, start->Control Panel, select software updates). Once the utility has finished loading it shows the Multimedia Centre for ThinkOfferings v9.05. It is listed as an EMC 9 update, AND as a sonic update.
  11. TOTG


    I believe that update was created by HP... But i'm not 100% sure, the website is hp.com, and I think I read somewhere else on this forum where that link was provided that it was.
  12. TOTG

    Output at AVI file

    Nice, 500G hard drive... thats 10X what i've got Anyways, try burning an image (so you don't waste a CD) using other media -- Try using one of the sample videos that Vista provides you with. If it works, then there is a problem with your media. You can try and solve the problematic media by opening it in video wave and then "output as" to a different file type. Then use that outputted file for burning. If it doesn't work, post back and we'll see where it goes from there.
  13. TOTG

    videowave audio edit

    In the tools pane, select "show media selector". Browse to your video, and right click on it. Select "extract audio", and then select the location you want the audio to be saved to. Now you can just mute the native audio, or extract the video separately, and use that.
  14. TOTG

    Burning an image

    The suggestion to create the image and burn from the image was suggested when you have EMC 9 -- As in the entire suite. This is because there is a utility inside of EMC 9 called "Disc Copier", which allows you to copy an image to a disk. MyDVD 9 will not do this, as it is DVD authoring software.
  15. (In this post I assume you mean that you opened up the DVD on your computer and are looking for .jpg extension files) The images should be on the DVD... is there a "YOUR_PHOTOS" folder on the DVD? If not, create an image instead of burning it, and check the image. The test I did was entirely in MyDVD -> I just created the slideshow with the add slideshow button.
  16. TOTG

    Output at AVI file

    Really? I thought using IE 6 and WMP 10 were an option on vista... touchè microsoft... my bad, sorry. Alright, solution numero deux: What media did you do this production with? Can you properly burn old productions, or is this file an old production?
  17. TOTG

    Output at AVI file

    When you updated, did you get WMP 11 or IE 7? I believe there are compatibility issues with these and EMC 9... try removing those.
  18. Aye, though I tested it on Vista Ultimate... What you could try doing is creating a new user account (User C) and seeing if it will work with that one... other than that i'm out of ideas... -edit- hmm, I just re-read the title on this thread, and i'm wondering now; did you do a "switch user" or a "log off, log in"? when I tested I did a switch user, so both users were logged in at the time of the test.
  19. TOTG


    Doing a google search on your error code, I found this microsoft website: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315266 Basically, run a couple of virus checking programs to make sure that isn't the problem. If you're lucky, you won't have to go through the other steps there... good luck.
  20. I believe your video card is the choke-point in your system. Check to see if the program is set to hardware rendering or software rendering, and let us know. Also, update your video card drivers, and make sure you have the latest Direct X.
  21. TOTG

    Capturing Streaming Video

    You can't capture streaming video with EMC 9, but audio can be captured if your sound card supports it. You'll have to wait for a responce from someone else as to what other programs are good for this.
  22. TOTG


    Are the files from your handycam already on your computer? What is the file extension, and what type of files are they? (Movie, picture?) Did you try importing those files into video wave? Are you trying to upload the files directly from your Handycam to video wave? Try using the files from your computer if they are already there.
  23. TOTG

    Error 1935

    What changed between when it worked and now? If you installed WMP 11 or IE 7, try removing those. Also, if you have more than one packet writing software installed, remove one (or all if you don't know how to use them properly). Packet writing software includes but is not limited to: Drag-to-Disc (from v7, v8, v9), sonic DLA, Nero InCD, etc...
  24. TOTG


    Did the suggestions help speed it up any? If not, what is your computer's video card, processor speed, and memory? (you can find this by start->run, then type in dxdiag)
  25. I tried to replicate your problem, but it didn't come up... A couple other suggestions, though: How are you launching Videowave? If you are launching from EMC 9 home, try launching from the start->All Programs->EMC 9->Video Wave method. Also, on which account are you validating the install on? (I.E. mpeg 2 activation and product activation thingy)? Try installing, but not activating on account A, then logging in to account B and activating on account B.