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  1. Do both of the accounts have admin privelages? What is the build number of the EMC 9 that you are using? (Open creator classic, help -> about). I don't personally use two accounts, and I prefer one account... but yah, let me know how it turns out.
  2. TOTG

    overlapping chapters

    What are you trying to create? If you are trying to create a DVD, it should let you have overlapping buttons, but it will give you the warning, and some DVD players may not like your DVD. If you are creating a blueray disc, then the format of blueray will not let you have overlapping buttons. Try re-examining your menu, and make sure that there is enough space in between each button, and make sure that the settings are set apropriately for your project.
  3. I'm wondering why you are getting a VideoWave error when you are trying to burn in MyDVD... First of all, you can try just importing the slideshow directly into MyDVD... though that depends entirely on how you created it. Slideshow assistant? Videowave? Please let me know. If you created the slideshow in VideoWave entirely, you can try outputting your production. There should be a small film reel icon somewhere on the interface (I can't remember where right now, and I don't have EMC 9 in front of me.). Once you have a separate file, close videowave, and open MyDVD by going through the start path (Start->All Programs->Roxio EMC 9->Video->VideoWave). Then try importing your VideoWave exported file into MyDVD, and try burning that. If that fails, try a repair install. Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs (On XP. On vista, it's Programs and Features). Then locate EMC 9 and click on "repair". If that fails, a clean install might fix it, but please give us some feedback if it gets to this point.
  4. TOTG

    Memory allocation error -1

    Can you put a sample of the script you used on the forum? Also, could the problem be that the subtitles are longer than the video?
  5. TOTG

    Disc Burning

    How big is the ISO? Do you have a program that can mount it? If so, try mounting it and playing it on your computer, and see if it contains everything it should.