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    Runtime Error

    We can rip to the hard drive and then burn to a CD. This, of course, gives us a way to record around the import function in create a music project. Thanks for the suggestion. We can also record from the sound card. I guess we will just live with this since we can function around that particular problem. I have been blaming the Supervisor for all the problems - which is not good - so I am glad we have a way to operate. We appreciate your time and help.
  2. EBB

    Runtime Error

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. We downloaded the clean install instructions from Roxio and went step by step each time with no luck. From starting with msconfig all the way to the registry edit steps. Even had my wife supervise me to make sure I did not skip anything. We have tried at least 7 different CD's All legal commercial CD's No CDR's
  3. Roxio Creator 2010 Pro When trying to import audio tracks into program (Create Music Disc Projects) get the following error: "The application has requested the Run Time to terminate in an unusual way" and of course program shuts down OS Windows 7 Tried a repair - no change Updated video drivers and audio drivers - no change Tried clean install 4 times - no change Downloaded an update patch listed on Roxio Web Site today - no change Tried Roxio Support and the only answer so far is clean install. Would appreciate and ideas or suggestions Thanks
  4. EBB

    Playback of CD R

    I appreciate the suggestions from everyone. Acutally, everything was done in the manner suggested. I have discovered something interesting. I took the various CD's I burned with ECDC 9 (which would not play on my 3 CD players unless I redid them with ECDC 5) to an audio store last night. I played them in two different brands and they worked. I am begining to think the culprit here may not be the program but the age of the CD players. The CD players are over 6 years old and may not be able to read the way ECDC 9 writes to the disc. Since ECDC 5 is also 5 years or so old it may write differently which allows the players to read. Who knows, but I find it interesting Thanks for everyone time. EBB
  5. EBB

    Playback of CD R

    One Disc was burned with Music Disc Creator. It was a pre recorded disc copied to hard drive and then burned to audio disc. Another disc was burned with Music CD creator LP to Disc. Same results, plays in both computers but will not play in cd player. But both will play if the burned disc is redone with ECDC 5 and finalized Thanks for your time EBB
  6. EBB

    Playback of CD R

    Have Vista - ECDC 9 Suite Deluxe Can burn cd and it plays back in computer, however, will not play back in CD player. I can take this disc to my other computer which has XP and ECDC 5, copy the disc to another blank disc and finalize it with ECDC 5 and the new disc plays in all cd players. I do not see any "finalize disc" function in ECDC 9 Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks