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  1. Ian Osborne

    Gapless Audio Cd

    How do you make a gapless audio CD in Toast Titanium 14? I've set the pause between tracks to zero seconds, but previewing the tracks in the app, there's still a stutter as one ends and the other begins. Am I missing something?
  2. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Has anyone tried the new 10.0.8 update? Does it solve the problem, or has Roxio washed its hands of us?
  3. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    That would be useful. Do share what they say.
  4. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    No problem. I only corrected it in case a newcomer with the same issues came across the thread and thought a roll-back to 10.0.3 would solve them.
  5. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Bloody hell, this is getting ridiculous. Do you know if the problem arises on later Macs, or is it just PPCs? Also, it's 10.0.2 we have to use, not 10.0.3.
  6. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    So now we're up to 10.0.6. Has anyone tried it yet? Does it fix the menus problem?
  7. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Just to let you know, I found a copy of 10.0.2 on an archive disc and reinstalled it. The menus are working fine now - thanks for your help. I wonder if Roxio is working on a fix?
  8. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Ach, I don't have 10.0.2. I'll roll all the way back to 10.0, but as the updates are (IIRC) trivial bug fixes for Blu-ray, that's no real problem.
  9. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Hey, thanks for that! I've got 10.0.3 on a disc, and am installing it now. I'll try it out when I get back from work and let you know how I get on. Does anyone from Roxio have any thoughts on this? Is there a known bug in 10.0.4 that stops people - or at least Leopard/PPC users - from creating proper menus?
  10. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    I tried that, but I still get text-free menus. Does anyone else have any ideas? ETA: It still crashes instead of quitting properly too. Is anyone else having these problems? Second edit: I'm running Toast 10.0.4 on a G5 1.8GHz, under Leopard 10.5.8. I'm using an external burner, but as saving as a disc image made no difference, I presume this isn't a factor.
  11. Ian Osborne

    Toast 10 - menu text missing

    Does anyone have any idea why, when I burn a DVD with a menu, no text appears on the menu screen? It always did before, with Toast 9. Also, is anyone else having problems quitting Toast 10? When I try to close the app, it crashes instead.
  12. Ian Osborne

    Disc Spanning without file splitting?

    Thirded. I recently had to send a huge quantity of relatively-small (>30MB) files over half a dozen DVDs to a Windows user. I ended up organising the discs manually as I didn't want the files to be split, where a simple checkbox which switched this option on and off would've allowed me to simply drop them into the data window. Any chance of including this in 8.1?
  13. Ian Osborne

    File splitting with disc spanning

    Seconded. This really should be an option. Splitting is really annoying when you're copying a basketful of relatively small files, and even with larger files, it should be up to the user whether s/he wastes disc space by choosing not to split.