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    DVD player's play/enter buttons wont work

    Did you try slowing down your BURN speed? I have DVDs that work great when produced 4X but won't start properly using 8X (even though they are DVD-R 16X). -Bob
  2. Didn't work anyway..............
  3. I Used this on EMC 9 and it didn' work,(still running in background). Sorry for posting a year later! DD- How to disable Drag-to-Disc from loading automatically Rate this article: Article Details ID Number: EE7000020 Products: Easy Media Creator 7 OS: Windows 2000 Professional Windows XP Home Edition Windows XP Professional Issue How to disable the Drag-to-Disc icon from displaying in your system tray. Resolution.......................... Doesn't work, just kills ICON
  4. sierratech.net

    Windows Media Encoder 9 Throws Exception after EMC 9

    Well I tracked it down, and it wasn't ROXIO after all. I use Dscaler 5 to display MPEG2 videos on Screen Number 2, and apparently the audio Codec of DSCALER 5 caused the issue. I unregistered the two CODECS and now WME 9 works (without crashing). This is unfortunate, because I need the second monitor to be able to play VOB and MPEG-2 videos. I will have to experiment to see if I can get away with just the video codec. Thanks for trying this! GSPOT showed me DSCALER5 was being used, and I installed that in February (a couple of weeks after upgrading to EMC9....). At least it works, but now my system is handicapped. -Bob
  5. sierratech.net

    Windows Media Encoder 9 Throws Exception after EMC 9

    That's the $6,000,000.00 question. It has been a while since I attempted to use the program with an audio AVI file. I will be doing system restores I have created with Acronis, and see if earlier system snapshots had the same problem. Thanks for attempting to repeat. From what I have read WME 9 is susceptible to crashing if a lot of CODECS are used or changed. I cannot put my finger on when my changes to the system caused this. Take care and thanks! -Bob
  6. sierratech.net

    Windows Media Encoder 9 Throws Exception after EMC 9

    When you start the program, it opens up the wizards. Select "Convert a File" and click "OK" In the File Selection Window, click Browse (for source file) and find an AVI (that contains sound). When the program attempts to list the AVI file as the source, the exception is generated. I can make a "Silent" screen capture showing this if it would help, I just cannot narrate it or it crashes WME9 every time. -Bob PS: Your system might not require the CODEC I listed. I think it came from ROXIO 6.0 or 7.5, but CINEMASTER had filters left behind and GSPOT identified the CODEC as missing, so I grabbed it from a backup made before I uninstalled 7.5 during version 9 upgrade.
  7. sierratech.net

    Windows Media Encoder 9 Throws Exception after EMC 9

    Roxio EZCD Creator 6 is still present because I use Audio Central with purchased MP3PRO CODEC. I let EMC 9 uninstall EMC 7.5 during intallation (much safer this way to avoid BSOD because Roxio uninstall does not cleanup the Upper and Lower Filters in the registry). I will probably Keep EZCD Creator 6 until I have time to install my NERO which supports MP3PRO "out of the box". I have tried WME 9 Repair, uninstalled it and reinstalled it, no change.
  8. I use Windows Media Encoder 9 (WME9) to make fast conversions of AVI files to WMV files for the web video tutorials. I haven't used WME9 in a while, but any AVI file that contain an embedded audio causes WME9 to generate an Exception error. The only big changes made to my system was the installation of EMC 9....... Does anyone else have WME9 working okay with EMC 9 installed on there system? Has anyone else experienced this problem? GSPOT reported a missing CODEC below: Driver File C:\Program Files\Common Files\sonic Shared\CinemasterATISPDIF.dll I grabbed an older copy from a backup and added the file. GSPOT now finds all CODECS and filters. Don't know how CinemasterATISPDIF.dll got deleted, but this did not fix the problem (Dolby AC3 CODEC). -Bob
  9. sierratech.net

    Videowave crashes when rendering AVI

    Couple of things: Do you have enough Hard Drive Space for a 78 minute AVI (about 15 GBYTES)? Have you defragmented your drive lately? An MPEG-2 will end up quite a bit smaller in size (due to compression). One more question (this is an obvious one but sometimes people miss it): is your drive formatted as an NTFS? -Bob
  10. sierratech.net

    Help Please

    I would try "SYSTEM RESTORE" first.... As Beerman suggests something might have corrupted the installation (update maybe).
  11. sierratech.net

    MS07-017 Patch Creator Progress Bar Display Issues

    I concur! IE7 and WMP11 are not part of my XP installation either.....
  12. sierratech.net

    Videowave crashes when rendering AVI

    Have you tried output to MPEG-2 to see if it's just AVI related? If the rendering fails on other formats, does it play in VIDEOWAVE without a hitch? Are all the images on the local hard drive (Not external USB or Network)?
  13. sierratech.net

    MS07-017 Patch Creator Progress Bar Display Issues

    I too had read about GUI related problems and problems with REALTEK sound cards. There was a patch for REALTEK but I didn't see any information on a fix for the other reported problems. Frustrating........
  14. sierratech.net

    Any old v6 AudioCentral functionality added to v9?

    ROXIO 9 will play Stored files on the computer, but does not match the library power of AudioCentral (or MP3Pro). I keep Version 6 on my machine since I purchased MP3Pro CODEC and use AudioCentral to encode for the Web.
  15. This is a strange one. It seems after I let Microsoft install MS07-017 (ANI Cursor Patch for IE6/IE7) the progress bar didn't always give a graphic display of percentage, and seemed to become unstable. I had other weird software related issues as well, so I backed out MS07-017 and now Music Disc Creator seems to act stable and shows progress bar. I have read other strange behavior reports on the web with this patch. I will have to try it all again and see if a reinstall of the patch makes a difference.