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    No Sound after conversion

    So I downloaded and installed the component. Everything is the same as it was. I've never had a problem playing any other filetypes, just the odd MPEG-4. And its only some of them. The AVI from before conversion works just fine.
  2. Inkpirate

    No Sound after conversion

    I should have been more specific - I'm using an Apple TV - so getting a codec for quicktime won't help...will it?
  3. Inkpirate

    No Sound after conversion

    So I've tried about 30 different movies and tv shows. It's hit and miss. But some of the avi files that work 100% fine before conversion, have a beautiful picture, but no sound...no matter what. I've changed a whole bunch of settings and converted the same file at least a half dozen times. Is there something going on here? I've tried automatic, fast, and even different versions of custom. Is there something I'm missing?