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    Naming Audio CD.

    If you have the permalink to this CD Text tp CD Info, please share it. Otherwise, it seems like it might be more effecient to not bother naming the files in Toast, but to wait until I can do the naming inside iTunes, and then burn my copy from there, totally bypassing Toast. I'm building an archive of old vinyl and it seems unnecessary to have to make a paper copy of the track information and keep it in the case with the CD, when that information should be part of the CD itself.
  2. Marc Stevens

    MAC is renaming my discs (CD)

    The closest I thing I could find, searching by "CD Text to CD Info" was the script "Copy Track Infor to CD Tracks, which is exactly the opposite of what I need to do, which is move Track info I put into Toast into iTunes. Somewhere I thought I'd seen some mention of the script you referred to, but thus far is has eluded me.
  3. Marc Stevens

    MAC is renaming my discs (CD)

    I'm moving some content from vinyl to CD - using Spin Dr. and Toast. Even though I name the CD in Toast, and even give the single large track a name, when I later try to mount the Toast disc, a completely different name appears on my desktop, or in iTunes - and when I move to a different computer, I get yet another name applied to the SAME "toast made" CD. Any ideas as to how to fix this? I'm using V.7.2.1.