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    VideoWave 9 - Removing Commercials

    The file was originally recorded by Windows Media Center 2005 as a .dvr-ms, and VideoWave 9 converted it to a .mpg when I imported it.
  2. I am editing in VideoWave 9 a 1 hour program recorded from TV. I have created markers at the beginning and end of each commercial. When I try to delete the area between the markers using the red X "trim selected sections", it doesn't remove exactly the area I want removed. It is off by at least 30 seconds. However when I checked the marker locations before the trim operation, (with the < or > buttons), they were in exactly the right place. I appreciate any suggestons. Maybe I am going about it wrong.
  3. In the Sonic Solutions CD/DVD burning software included with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, I receive a "Create Failure" error message when I try to burn a recorded TV broadcast to a video DVD. I have a HP Media Center Z545 Computer.