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  1. capesp50

    BurnerState_WritingFormat failure

    Thanks for your response. I have the Blu-Ray plugin and a Blu-Ray writer. I believe I have found the solution to my problem. I had upgraded from NXT 5 to NXT 7 because of so many problems with creating projects with NXT 5. In the instructions provided to me by the Roxio Technician for installing NXT 7 they had me do a uninstall of NXT 5, delete and rename files and folders and then create a new User account with Administrative authority and do the install of NXT 7 using this new User Account. My problems happened because when I signed onto my computer I was using my normal User account not the one created to install NXT 7. I was able to use video wave to create the files for the titles in the project but when I used MYDVD to create and burn the project I received the burnerstate errors. In my recent testing I have signed on to the new User Account created for the install of NXT 7, created a simple project with MYDVD and burned as a AVCHD project and another as a Blu-Ray project. Things seem to be working at this point but haven't created and burned a more robust yet.
  2. I have tried burning a project Roxio Creator NXT 7 with MYDVD both to a DVD and ISO image using the AVCHD format and I get the BurnerState_WritingFormat failure. Reason Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Code 3254845656. I have tried NXT 7 on two of my computers, using 4 different burners all with the same result. I am running Windows 10 64bit on both computers. The Titles for the MYDVD project were created in Videowave and were output as .mpg files. Can anyone give my me some help in what I am doing wrong ? I have attached a Screen Print of the error that is received.
  3. capesp50

    This disc is read-only and can not be recorded to

    Thanks for the reply your comments were very interesting. I have been enjoying my EMC 9 have used EMC 5 and 7 previously and thier product continues to get better. I just had a simple task of copying videos that I had taken on my digital cam and used for home DVDs off onto a DVD in case I wanted to get at the source again. Seemed like Drag-To-Disk was the ticket but it can't do it. My computer came with Nero on it so I disabled D2D and completed the task quickly with Nero. Looks like that is my solution. Thanks for your help.
  4. Trying to drag and drop files to Drag to Disc with blank DVD+RW inserted and get message "This disc is read only and can't be witten to" I've tried doing a full erase same result, I've tried DVD -R idsc same result. When I click on the Menu selection of Drag to Disc with the blank disk inserted the Format Disc, Rename Disc, Erase Disc, and Paste options are all grayed out.
  5. capesp50

    Label Creator

    Hi, found the commercial paper and the templates fine I'm using Avery products specificaly 5931 which is for CD/DVD Case Inserts and the allignment isn't even close. The Front and Back are are aligned in the middle on the form paper and when you print using Avery 5931 it aligns to the right?
  6. Hello, I am using EMC 7.0 DVD Builder and have created sub-menus using the Chaper Markers. The Text color under the buttons is a dark purple trying to change the color of this text. Any ideas?
  7. capesp50

    Dvd Builder

    Just a thought, you say you have anti virus, spyware, adware did you try disabling these programs and trying to burn with them disabled?