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  1. Hi Bruce I gotta question your statement on the Haali Splitter old friend, it's not a "Virus" nor does it act as one, and is probably the highest regarded DirectShow splitter in current development. Haali is a well known codec writer and works for CORECODEC support center and almost all top Codec packs incorporate the Haali splitter with absolutely no issues, nor do I read any in the many Audio/Video forums I post in. As with any new type of filter it has had some growing pains but this splitter has been very stable and useful pretty much from inception. I would tend to think after my latest experience with a Creator 09 demuxer "SonicHDdemuxer.dll" basically forcing (hijacking) all DVD programs unrelated to Sonic to use one of it's proprietary dll's, that it's more a Sonic module interfering with the Haali splitter, and the outcome may be this poster's problem. BTW Bruce, if you have any links to knowledgeable sites (not just posers) where they have Haali splitter issues, I would like to read up on that more.
  2. Hi Brendon Yah, it's always been frustrating when certain programs decide to take over all related functions by registering their proprietary (insert offending module name here) or take over file associations without user permissions. Back in tha day a group of of us Tech Forum admins banded together to "request" spam the developer's of programs that used this kind of behavior until we forced them to realize how unwelcome that is to us little people. Our forums were full of newer users who were upset that "such-&-such" program launched anytime they tried to view pictures or listen to music, and we just got fed up with it to the point of fighting back..LOL...fun days I am very disappointed to see this from a Sonic filter and have brought this up to the Support staff. I've used Roxio/Sonic since 04 but this problem has me wondering if I will even reinstall Creator 09 again. I've also used Nero 8 alongside Roxio/Sonic suites and I've never had Nero filters cause this sort of problem, nor have the 2 program's interfered with each other...so far. I still want to test if unregistering the dll with regsvr32 command will make a difference or not, but that's a workaround that should be unnecessary IMO. I guess this whole post is more a bit of a rant in a way, and not so much a question other than if anyone else has seen this problem lately. Needless to say I was quite upset that this conflict cost me 8 dual layer Tayo Yuden DVD's.
  3. Late reply I know, I have been rather ill and haven't gotten much done online. Hi Big Dave, yah that is the default setting but many of us change that for other programs. For instance I'm a big Flight Sim fan and of course I try to optimize the graphics settings for the program and for this you need to change that setting. That was one of the first things I did and it wasn't until weeks later that I needed EMC and immediately had problems. Of course by then I'd completely forgotten about that little switch and it took my awhile to find the culprit...frustrating to say the least. I know other gamers may find that same thing and I hope this helps them. I haven't tested this with Creator 2009, maybe I should and update this when I find out what happens.
  4. Actually, you are incorrect. In Canada (and many, Many other countries) it is Legal and proven in our courts that copying for archival purposes is allowed. Sharing that archive to anyone other than the proper owner, outside of simple viewing that is, is NOT legal, so no Laws are being broken here. Still if you feel that way that's your opinion. Others, and you may be one yourself, feel that an investment of $100's of dollars in an very fragile medium such as CD's and DVD's, deserves to be protected. Therefore to copy the original so it can be put away in a safe environment, and allow the copies to take the daily abuse, is a smart way to protect that investment. Fortunately the courts agree upon this (look it up) and copy protections are put in place to try to limit file sharing, not archiving. Remember blank VHS??? blank Cassettes? blank CD's? Every time a new recordable format arrived, the Media makers howl unfair but every time the courts side with the public right to record data they own or that is freely available. Still tho, you miss the point here Walt. I'm not talking or asking questions on how to "rip" or "share" these files, the fact remains that the SonicHDdemuxer.dll interferes with LEGAL programs other than Roxio/Sonic products operations. This dll must register as the proprietary muxer/demuxer for any such operations, otherwise it would not be called during another program's operation. That is not right and reminds us of older media players or other programs that take over file associations without user permissions. Many of us worked hard for years to stop developers from thinking they can take over user machines that way and filters such as this are no different. BTW, upon removal of Creator 09 and that dll, all other DVD creation program crashes have disappeared. Hopefully anyone else having a similar issue will read this and find the way to fix it. I didn't test trying to unregister that particular dll to see if that is a viable workaround or not so I'll do that next. Still ticks me off that I had to uninstall Creator to get other programs to function.
  5. Hi Folks First, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to my friends here! I hope you all find comfort and good times with family & friends this Holiday season! Now, here's what's what. I've been using Creator 2009 for about 4 months now and no real issues so far with this suite, but it seems to interfere drastically with other non Sonic DVD related apps. I've ripped a few titles from the BBC series "Planet Earth", "Blue Planet" and the other 2 sets in the series. Now before anyone goes all "High & Mightier then thou" on me, I am a firm proponent of being allowed to create backup copies of your software titles you OWN, and since my brother in law is not versed in this type of thing I've been doing it for him. Anyway, 17 dual layer disks in all and I ripped them all to VIDEO_TS folders on my HDD (I didn't have enough Dual Layer DVD's at that time to do direct copy..heheh). I was using Copy2DVD to make "bit-4-bit" copies (didn't want to re-encode) but on at least 6 disks the app crashed, and these crashes were all caused by SonicHDdemuxer.dll. I tried a temp rename of the dll to see what happened, started Copy2DVD and I was informed by popup that the installer needed to configure sonicHDdemuxer.dll and asked for my Creator 2009 disk...I was a bit perplexed by this other program asking to install a Roxio dll. On a few occasions the files would load and the burn apparently start and then crash with the same demuxer.dll as the problem and the DL-DVD disk made useless...8 of them in all (major unhappy, they aren't cheap). I then tried a few other DVD copy app's., Xilisoft DVD Copy, PlatoDVD Copy, DVD Cloner VI along with 2 others. Some would start the burn and then fail with these same VIDEO_TS files but most of the time as soon as I navigated to the folder to add the IFO, BUP and VOB files the app's would crash. Every time the event viewer said that SonicHDdemuxer.dll was the faulting module...(???) I did a clean reinstall of Creator 09 but no happy there. Finally I just uninstalled Creator 2009, reinstalled the Shark007 Codec pack (which I always use with Creator and Nero with no issues...EVER), and now magically all these other apps work perfectly...without any popups or issues regarding that SonicHDdemuxer.dll. I guess in a way this is also more than a question about that demuxer dll, and also a statement to Sonic about the way it interfere's with any other DVD copy/create s'ware and crashes the other app. Obviously the popup was from Sonic and not the other apps, and Sonic basically hijacked my ability to use other DVD creator apps by forcing their proprietary dll on this sytem. Has anyone else have this issue? I searched the forum and a post from 2007 brought up the exact same issue but nobody ever posted to it. I'll be informing Sonic of my displeasure with this behavior as well since I'm not positive any Sonic staff read the forums. FYI - one video file I tried with at least 4 other apps that crashed each time due to sonicHDdemuxer.dll, just finished without issue after Creator 09 was uninstalled....hmmm.
  6. Hey Folks...isn't this "Digital Life" fun!!!!!!! Big Dave, you've definitely done your homework on Multicore processing and you understand the dynamics of I/O and bottlenecks well. Also well explained. I remember very well how many times I had to stop doing stuff on my 3.4GHz (OC'd fro 2.6) P4 Northwood, simply because my AV scanner started doing it's thing. That's a thing of the past on my Core 2 Duo E6750 and I certainly don't miss it. Jean, excellent reports! One other thing is...do we want a rendering process to consume 100% of a multi-core machine just to make it "that much faster"? I think not because then we lose one of the REAL aspects of multicore processors...multitasking. I would rather the render process stay at 75-85% and allow the rest of the power to continue other tasks. I have noticed a Marked increas on rendering a movie to DVD even with EMC10, at least twice as fast than my P4 was able to accomplish the same task. Software today is written more and more to take advantage of multicore threading so we'll see better performance in more programs soon. 2009 is written to take advantage of this and in certain areas we are bound to see improvement over other versions, but to think that 2 cores will double, and 4 cores will quadruple these improvements is simply showing a lack of understanding in what multicore processing is and how it works. Gary, I believe you just set yourself up for disappointment in thinking how you did when you switched to your newer processor. Like others, I don't notice any real increases in how Fast my regular programs work now, but I sure do notice how many more things I can do at one time now over my P4, which was "theoretically" faster than my current processor but P4 had a much smaller cache and didn't properly access the L2 cache either (thru FSB).
  7. Chappy

    New Novice Re - Dvd Info Double Layer

    Yes, I think it will be best to go with Bruce's suggestion and copy the DVD9 to your hard drive, split it and then burn to the 2 DVDR's. You may be able to span it across 2 disks using the Video Copy & Convert feature, which is what Support was probably trying to get you doing, but I think you'll have better luck doing it this other way.
  8. Chappy

    Roxio Retrieve

    C2009 has Roxio Retrieve 11, check your Prgram Files\Roxio 2009 folder, it should be there. Retrieve has been a staple of Roxio suite since version "Before Christ" and is still a component of 2009. As for your issue kpruner, all I can think of is that the disk has become corrupted or was corrupted during the initial burn. The "Retrieve.exe" is installed onto all the disks burned with it so that it can run and extract from the burned CD's without having Retrieve installed on the machine. If you have a Data Recovery program you may be able to save those files, if you don't have one there are a few free ones available online. "Recover My PC" may have a feature to recover from CD's\DVD's, I'm not sure but if you Google for Data Recovery you can see what's out there. I prefer to use R-Studio and GeDataBack (both Paid-4 programs) but they work very well to save corrupted and missing data.
  9. Chappy

    Roxio 10 And Roxio 2009

    Hi Rachel Yes, it should be fine to uninstall all Roxio 10 products. Use the proper technique of course, control panel - Programs & Features - Uninstall Roxio 10 components. Start with the Core components and you'll find that some others will be uninstalled along with those as well, or when you check them and uninstall them, they'll uninstall almost immediately. Roxio 10 added all seperate components into the Uninstall list as you have seen, while 2009 only adds the single "Roxio 2009" entry. P.S. - @ Syrallas - Already linked her to that page above -
  10. Chappy

    Roxio 10 And Roxio 2009

    Hi No, Roxio 2009 doesn't need any Creator 10 files to function correctly. 2009 has to be self reliant since not all 2009 customers are going to be upgrading from Roxio 10 now are they, so 2009 does not need any Roxio 10 files to function. There has to be another reason for the issue you had. Now that 2009 has installed and is working fine on your machine, you should be able to uninstall Creator 10 from it without affecting your 2009 installation. If for some reason there is a problem after you uninstall Roxio 10, follow the Uninstall Instructions HERE carefully (stop at the Install 10 instructions of course, step #5) and then try reinstalling 2009 again.
  11. Chappy

    Waveform Disappears In Sound Editor

    Hi Dave I thought of that too, and so did the Roxio tech working on my support ticket, but unfortunately the Nvidia driver I have has the video hardware acceleration settings locked out. weird... Frank Tried it...no workie...still does it. It's funny, I can load other clips and it won't always do this but with these two clips it's almost 100%...almost like it's the clips themselves that are the cause..(??) That would definitely be weird if that were the case eh. But it almost seems that way now since I can load and join two other songs randomly and in most cases it works fine, only occasionally does it exhibit this same behaovior, but with these two songs it's 97% always an issue. I'm almost out of ideas for it now and so is the Roxio tech, and since I've already done the needed edit and burned the disk it's not a pressing issue anymore, but I'm definitely still trying to reproduce it with other songs. It almost NEVER happens with a single song loaded and when it does happen in other clips, it's very random and not at all reliably reproduced...I'm stumped...
  12. Chappy

    Window Size Too Large

    Hi Denny Not a big deal since this forum is not quite as busy as others, but it's not just "This forum's" guidleines, it's Every forum. It has the potential to muddy the waters so to speak, on any online help forum and is widely discouraged because of that. I'm sure you can see the potential for confusion so I was simply pointing it out...no harm done. I am curious tho...do you have the Nvidia Ntune control panel and if so, did you try that setting I showed to change? Since it works pretty well on another setup, I get the feeling that this issue could easily be caused by that setting. It doesn't seem like it should...I know..I couldn't see the connection either, but when I started testing everything in sight to fix my issue it turned out to be that setting that messes with EMC's graphical interface somehow. Just as I was finishing this I remembered that I had a problem exactly like this a couple years ago, but I can't recall the program or the fix right now...I'm wrackin my brains out trying to remember. Same thing...window too large for the display when maxxed (even spanned over 2 monitors) and critical buttons were missing because of it. Dang...just can't recall it right now but I'll try to remember and if I do will post it immediately for you guys.
  13. Chappy

    Window Size Too Large

    NP Bruce...I was pretty sure that was the post you were referring too.. TY Gary! I have well over 600,000 posts in online help forums, so I've been helping folks for along time now and one of the Most confusing things is when 2 or more people are asking for help in the same thread...don't you think. It all just goes to heII in a handbasket faster than you can blink that way, as nobody is exactly sure who's replying to who after awhile, so I always try to teach the newer forum users the basic etiquette of posting. More eyes look at it also if you have your own thread since allot of forum users pass on reading posts that they see are already being worked on by the regulars, so it's always best to start new threads for any question. I hope Ankrum posts back with results so we know if this worked for him/her also. Later!
  14. Chappy

    Window Size Too Large

    Hi Bruce Maybe you're thinking of my "Movie Background" issue when everything was oversized and squashed until I changed a setting in the Nvidia Ntune CPL? It could actually be a similar issue here too so I see no harm in relaying it here for this one.. (Hi Gary too!!) Ankrum - Do you have the Nvidia Ntune Control Panel installed? If so, open it and go to the "Adjust Image Settings with Preview" section and select the "Let the 3D Application Decide" setting. It seems that anything but this setting when EMC 10 is installed messes with allot of graphical things. Let us know if this worked or not. Another suggestion for future use in All online forums, it's always best to start your own thread for your issue rather than insert it into another persons thread, even if it's the exact same issue. It's called "Thread Hijacking" and can cause serious confusion as people lose track of who's talking to whom and what's getting done (and by whom). It can get out of hand quickly and then nobody gets proper help.
  15. Chappy

    Waveform Disappears In Sound Editor

    I've opened a Support Ticket on this. I can reproduce this with almost 100% certainty, so it HAS to be a graphical bug I would say. I've reinstalled EMC10 3 times, once with an absolutely clean removal of any Roxio/Sonic leftovers (which there are a TON of BTW...) from hidden user files and registry changes (all monitored during an install) and this darn issue still happens. Will post any resolutions if found.