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    Edit Dvd From Iso. Emc 9

    Couldn't find anything on this forum on how to import a iso. When I create new home movie DVD's I create an iso for archive. Is there a way to use the iso to edit movie and re burn?
  2. jsymons

    Usb Dvd Burners

    Ive been building PC's since the 286 days. I have a XP Media Center Edition 2005 with a Biostar GF7050V-M7 with a Intel Core 2. The problem is the m/b only has one ide. And I have two 300 gig ide hd's on it. Does have sata though. So Ive priced sata drives and may go that route. But I was thinking about the USB type so I could reuse on my other PC's if needed.
  3. jsymons

    Usb Dvd Burners

    I'm thinking about purchasing a USB DVD Burner. Has anyone used one with repeated success? Ant make/model tips are welcome.
  4. Funny thing. I did the clean install and it still complains about the same thing. But when you try to activate it comes back with no permission bad installation.
  5. I dont use any registry cleaners. I think its fair to just attribute this to buggy software by Roxio. This board is riddled with the issue. I did try a deinstall/reinstall last night with no help, So yes my next step is to do a clean install. Either that or visit Best Buy for another product. As I have said I have used the product for a long time and I'm just tired of all the bugs, The fact you never see updates for there products, only new releases troubles me. I'm not flaming here only stating fact. Even though I know that no software provider is free of bugs it may be time to seek another solution. I have a huge amount of editing to do and this is not what I needed. But thanks for your post James! I know you have been here a long time as well. Keep up the good work helping others.
  6. Ive been using this for a long time and all of a sudden the activation pops up. I tried offline activation numerous times with no luck. Never see a key. Tried at least twenty times. Happens on MyDVD. Sometimes videowave works then I add movie and send to MyDVD ok. All works until I close MyDVD and it starts all over again. Can the activation key be harvested from registry perhaps? I have never seen a more finicky program than Easy Media Creator. I started with rel 5 a long time ago and progressed to rel 9. This will be my last. Roxia never fixes bugs. They just move on to next release.
  7. No there is no YOUR_PHOTOS folder. I did create an image first as I allways do. I also used the add slideshow button in MyDVD. The second time I had it create an image and burn to a DVD. That time it did include the photos and created the YOUR_PHOTOS folder on DVD. But what is odd is I turned around and burnt another using disc copier and there were no photos added to DVD. I have to find something to view the iso to see what is in it. My old winiso doesnt want to open it. Seems to be a sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't situation. In previous releases this had allways worked for me.
  8. I created a DVD with MyDVD with movies and a photo slideshow. On the project settings I did place check mark to archive photos. But after creation I do not see images on the physical DVD. Am I missing something? It was my thought that the jpg's should be included on the final DVD.
  9. jsymons

    Video Conversion to PSP - Anyone having luck?

    I had issues at first as well. I then got it to work last night. I used Disk Copier and output as Format PSP. I noticed as it was encoding it showed it as MPEG-4 (H.264/AVC). Thats exactly how it read. It creates two files. An *.mp4 and a *.THM. THM I believe is something to do with thumbnail images. I then copied both of those to the PSP video folder. And it worked. My son did update his PSP last night to the most current release as well though. That was 02/21/07. So that may have helped. But it did work. None of the other formats worked. I tried H.264/AVC by itself and MPEG-4 by itself but neither worked. But as I indicated as it was encoding it said MPEG-4 (H.264/AVC). BTW file I converted was a MPEG2 from my Sony DCR-SR100 camcorder.
  10. jsymons

    Reversal of DVD no menus choice.

    sknis the project was saved as a *.dmsd. gaper1 I went back and added a menu to project but the results were the same. Not sure what would return a no menu to a menu DVD at this point. Looks like we will have to just recreate it. Sucks as she put a lot of work into it. Oh well a lesson learned. Thanks for the tips though.
  11. If a project were started selecting new project/DVD no menus can that be reversed or undone? My daughter created a DVD with chapters. The preview in MyDVD shows all the chapters fine. But when the project is burned the chapters dont display. It goes right to play without showing chapters. That happens on PC's and all our DVD players. Menu button on all DVD players dont do anything but restart movie. So I'm thinking possibly she may have selected DVD no menus when starting. I confirmed with her that she did in fact select DVD no menus when starting.
  12. I have exact same problem. Mine wont play in certain DVD players in my house. But at first they wouldn't play in any of them. I burned from iso at lowest burn speed and it now works on some of my players. Try the lowest burn setting. And yes I went the same upgrade route as you. Tried all the steps you mentioned as well.
  13. Well from what I'm talking about it has changed. For a birthday party I tape video and take still photos. For the photos I create a slideshow. I then create two buttons. One called Video and one called Pictures. When one first puts DVD in they have a choice of watching video or picture slideshow. Now if you choose video first the video plays first then at the end goes directly to slideshow. Thats the way I set it up. But you could also have it return to menu after video. You had a choice. I think it was under Video Preferences. Then Menu Playback Navigation. There you could choose Play Next Title or Go Back to Menu. I know it was in 6.0 as such as I have a computer that still has 6.0. I would have to put 7.0 back on a computer to give the exact path to the same thing. I have yet to find this in EMC 8 MyDVD. If you know where it is let me know. So maybe I should have said Roxio put back the Menu Playback Navigation feature or option.
  14. Yes with previous releases one could make those choices much easier how you want it to play. Hey Roxio. Put the return to menu feature back. But ggrussell thanks loads for your methods.
  15. jsymons

    Help - Where Have My Chapter Menu's Gone?

    Where did you find this hotfix?