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  1. In Print, After clickingon properties, top right, My computer locks up. The New window say print (Not responding). I have to start my labeling process all over again. I also cannot calibrate my printers to print in the correct spots (discs, front and back inserts) I have actually hooked up (separately) HP 2175 all in one and F4280 all in one. And neither of them will calibrate. I use Memorex labels. Than ks. Bob
  2. NewBob

    Ml10 - Lightscribe Or Not To Lightscribe

    Now how do I get my printer setting to hold on my printer (Itis my default printer?). My printer settings keep popping back to E-HL-DT-DVD-----------. Thanks. Bob
  3. NewBob

    Ml10 - Lightscribe Or Not To Lightscribe

    threwst, you are right about the printer. The Program will not hold my current printer, reverts back to another printer. Now the latest wrinkle. After correcting he printer window, I can not find my memorex templates. I've Gone thru all the combinations and can not fix it, Yet. Thanks. Bob Whoopie. My Templates just arrived. There was an extension on the side of the paper type window. Bob
  4. Everytime I set up in ML10 to make disc label, Front cover and back insert, either Express Labeler or Label Creator runs me into the Lightscribe only window. How do I Make regular discs covers and inserts, other than lightscribe, on Memorex A4 paper? Thanks. Bob
  5. And, When I'm in LP and Tape Assistant, The Time Left on Drive reads 189h. Then when I'm in Easy Audio Capture The Time Left on Drive Reads 315h. The 315h time left is more closer tothe actual time that I do have left in my estimation. Any Help. Thanks. Bob
  6. We Should have a specific forum for ML10 So that we do not have to search all the extra pages??? Thanks. Bob
  7. NewBob

    Label Making In Ml10

    What program/system in ML10 do I use that will allow me to import music from my music files (external drive) to a label maker in ML10. I've tried several ways and can not seem to find one that works. One program says that it is for lightscribe and other types, but I can not edit the info, once I get the tracks into the program. I need to be able to move the tracks/info around to make them fit and also be able to print them. Appreciate any help. I am not into lightscribe, yet. Thanks. Bob
  8. NewBob

    Record Now 9 MLP Label maker problems

    I've run the gauntlet. I Cannot get all my tracks (i.e. 25/26) into or onto the blank discs in the RN9MSP label maker. Unless someone can come up with an answer I will have to switch to a label maker that works. I Can't understand how roxio/sonic can claim their programs contain a label maker when their label maker does not work???? Thanks for listening.
  9. NewBob

    ECD&DVD Creator 6

    Thanks Ogdens. I went to the URL you gave and that is where I learned that #6 has the analog recording capability. However, my problem is just that. I Can not or do not have the drop down window in tools, in order for me record from my stereo???? Appreciate any help. Bob
  10. NewBob

    ECD&DVD Creator 6

    Maybe this is progress. In Audio Central, and in Sound Editor, under the tools drop down window Am I Supposed to have an analog source option? If So, I do not have that option button. Therefore, I Can not record from my stereo, which is very important to me. Appreciate any help. Bob
  11. Maybe I should be redfaced. I just bought and installed a RecordNow9MusicLabPremier. Could Not get it to work satisfactorily. Bought ECD&DVD Creator 6. Now I find out that Creator 6 does not allow me the capability to record to my hard drive from any analog sources. Is this true, or am I not pushing the right buttons, or navigating to the right places. I Am going thru all of these update pains because my old Easy CD Creator 5, Platinum. just passed away. Why would Roxio not put this analog capability back in there next version? Somebody please enlighten me. Thanks. Bob
  12. NewBob


    Now my Music Disc Creator will not open. Any help offers. Thanks. Bob
  13. NewBob

    Record Now 9 MLP Label maker problems

    Reference above problem. To Further clarify the problem. In Music Disc Creator After Selecting Create Label, and in Express Labeler. Not All Of my recorded tracks show up on the layout disc. For instance I Just made a 26 track music CD, and played a few seconds of each track. Only 13 Tracks are identified on the layout disc in express labeler. And only 13 tracks print out on my printer. What Can I Do or what is the problem. Need Help. Newbob
  14. NewBob

    Easy CD&DVD Burning

    Sorry About the duplications. I really did not know the difference between Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 and Easy CD & DVD Burning.. Which resulted in my duplications. Sorry. Temporarily solved. I Uninstalled my EASy CD&CVD Burning and Installed Record Now 9 Music Lab Premier. See that area for my current problem with RN9MLP. Thanks. Bob
  15. NewBob

    Easy CD&DVD Burning

    Ditto - I just posted this under EAsy CD&DVD 6 heading. In Creator Classic, The Please enter a blank disc comes on after I have just put a blank disc in, and I can not proceed?? Thanks.