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    Easy Media Creator 10 Installation

    Thanks grandpabruce for a quick response. My experience of updating applications in most cases is that the later version usually replaces the earlier version when it is possible to install "over the top". Obviously not in this case! I still have the problem of knowing to which version the applications with their "non-Roxio" icons belong! For example: CinePlayer Decoder Pack; Disc Gallery; Drag-to-Disc; File Backup; MediaShare; and Roxio Update Manager which has a Green Roxio Icon.
  2. Gibeltarik

    Easy Media Creator 10 Installation

    Thanks ml for your prompt reply. It seems to me at first sight that EMC 10 is a smaller program than EMC 9!
  3. I did a Typical Installation of Easy Media Creator 10 Suite from DVD without uninstalling version 9, as RoxAnn informed me that I did not need to uninstall this earlier version and EMC 10 would keep some of the items not available in Version 10. What happened in actual fact is that I now appear to have both, version 10 and version 9 on my PC. They are both on the Start Menu and I even have both icons on my desktop! Logically, EMC 10 should replace EMC 9, but when I have looked in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, I have found a mixture of applications from both versions and I do not now know which belongs to which! I suppose there's a clue to some of them by their icons being either black or blue. Some items have their own individual icon. This is the list of Roxio EMC items I found in Windows Add or Remove Programs: EMC 10 Content Roxio BackUpOnTrack Roxio BDAV Plugin Roxio Central Audio Roxio Central Copy Roxio Central Core Roxio Central Data Roxio Central Tools Roxio CinePlayer Roxio CinePlayer Decoder Pack Roxio Content 9 Creator 9 Home Roxio Disc Gallery Roxio Drag-to-Disc Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Suite Roxio EasyArchive Roxio File Backup Roxio MediaShare Roxio RecordNow Audio Roxio Record Now Copy Roxio RecordNow Data Roxio RecordNow Tools Roxio Update Manager 9 This is what is in my Start Menu: Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Audio -> DVD Music Assistant Easy Audio Capture LP and Tape Assistant Music Disc Creator RecordNow Audio Sound Editor Backup -> Easy Archive Roxio Backup Copy -> Disc Copier RecordNow Copy Data -> Creator Classic Drag-to-Disc RecordNow Data My Media ->Media Manager Photo -> Media Import Multi Photo Enhance Panorama Assistant Photo Projects Assistant PhotoSuite Slideshow Assistant Tools -> Disc and Device Utility Disc Image Loader Label Creator Video -> CineMagic Media Import MyDVD VideoWave Home Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 BackOnTrack Home CinePlayer Creator Classic Easy Media Creator 10 Suite Label Creator Media Manager Music Disc Creator MyDVD PhotoSuite Sound Editor Video Copy & Convert VideoWave You can see there are more items under EMC9 than under EMC10! Also there are 8 Applications which are in both menus! I would be grateful if someone could tell me whether my installation has gone haywire, or whether this situation is normal. With eight applications included in both versions of EMC, I am starting to think it was hardly worth upgrading! Is it worth uninstalling the lot and performing a clean installation of EMC 10? How many applications included in EMC 9 would I lose? My OS is Windows XP Pro.
  4. Gibeltarik

    Unable to run Creator Classic EMC 9

    I am new to EMC 9, but am having a similar problem with "Could not open RXAssetViewdll.dll". This file is installed by EMC in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\DLL Shared and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\DLL Shared. I copied the file and pasted it in the Creator Classic folder and now the program works OK. I am having the same problem with other EMC 9 applications and have solved it the same way, but consider the process cumbersome. I am currently waiting for Roxio Support to send me a proper solution!