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  1. Thanks very much. It worked perfectly as you said.
  2. I have a single VOB video file converted from a MPEG4 file, but not in a Video TS folder. Can I burn this to a standard single layer DVD now using Toast, to view on any standalone DVD player? Size is 2.65gb. When I add this VOB file, Toast automatically switches to the Video window and indicates further conversion which I thought had already been done in Video Converter.
  3. Anglo

    How Do I Burn A Ts Folder?

    Yes I tried that but when I dragged into this Video_TS Folders window Toast changed to the Copy window and then nothing. But when I dragged to the DVD-Video window all the files within the TS folder loaded and the info at bottom said there was 18.91gb on disc. Is this right and should I just load a dual layer blank disc and burn it? As I understand it a dual layer dvd has only approx 8.2gb of usable storage. I exercise caution because I only have two blank dual layer discs left to use.
  4. Anglo

    How Do I Burn A Ts Folder?

    I am trying to burn a video TS folder to dvd which is a copy of a dual layer dvd. On my Mac it says the folder is approx 5.8gb but when I drag it into the Titanium window it says it is 18gb! Is this correct? Also when I drag it into the DVD window it automatically changes to the disk copy window. Why is that?
  5. Anglo

    Can I Burn A Mp4 Video To Dvd?

    I added the mp4 file and set it to encode in video/dvd video, convert to PAL and burn to dvd but it was going to take nearly 5 hours to do this. So I stopped it. Is this normal? I have an Intel iMac running OSX 10.7.4.
  6. Anglo

    Can I Burn A Mp4 Video To Dvd?

    Can I burn a mp4 video file to dvd with Toast 10 that will play on a stand alone dvd player? Or do I have to convert it to something else first?
  7. Anglo

    Can I Burn A Dual Layer Dvd?

    I have an Intel Mac (Lion OS) and would like to burn a copy of a dual layer dvd, is it possible with Toast 10 Titanium? If not what is the alternative app to use?
  8. I have a dual layer dvd movie at 11.4gb that I would like to copy to a standard 4.7gb dvd. Is it possible? I have Roxio toast 10 but I cannot see any options to compress the TS video file down to the correct size.
  9. Anglo

    Iso File - Wrong Format?

    After some investigation I think this is a Wii game file not a movie file which would explain the problem.
  10. Anglo

    Iso File - Wrong Format?

    I have a ISO file that when I try to burn to DVD (Copy/Image file) I get the following messages. "Toast could not detect the format of "xxxxx" PAL.iso .... click continue if you are certain" When I click continue "CD-ROM XA Audio tracks cannot be written to DVD" I have used toast for many years but just updated to 10.0.9. Is this relevant? I am running Mac OSX 10.6.8. What's my problem please. Can it be corrected?
  11. Anglo

    Can't Update To 8.0.5

    I had the same problem. After I had checked that I had got an older (8.0.4) version installed, and not a newer version as it said, I continued to install the update and then checked info and it shows I now have version 8.0.5 not 8.0.4 as it was. Very confusing though!
  12. Anglo

    How Do I Join 2 Video Files To Make One On Dvd?

    Thank you for your reply. I understand. However there is still the issue of size. As you can see from my grab the combined size of both files, mpeg and audio, is far in excess the capacity of a normal dvd. If I continue to do the above will quality suffer greatly due to the compression required? Unfortunately I do not have Blu Ray. Edit: Sorry I am getting confused! My grab is AFTER Toast has converted and saved after burning. What I have is 2 original avi files that are approx 698 mb each so I assume they can be stitched together presumably by Toast to play continuously as you suggest. Nevertheless my original point re quality and size still applies. Will the final result be so bad?
  13. How do I join 2 mpeg and audio files together to make one DVD to view as one video file, not two halves? My files are below for one complete video. I downloaded it as this but would like to burn as one. Or would the compression to burn onto a 4.7gb DVD be too much? How do I do it please?
  14. When I add or drag an avi file into the burn window prior to encoding and burning, it takes about 45 seconds or more for it to actually appear in the burn window, and I get the spinning beach ball. Is that normal? I never know whether to force quit at this stage. Surely it shouldn't take that long! Or do I need to do a clean re-install of Toast?
  15. After encoding and burning a video I have recently saved the video file to my "Roxio Converted Items" but cannot find this folder. Where is it located please? Is this a file that can be burned a second time without conversion or re-encoding? Or do I have to save to ISO to get this? I am running Roxio Toast Titanium 8.0.4 Edit: Found it in the documents folder!