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    Odd Behaviour Of Fit-to-dvd Function

    Certainly what you are saying is true, but trust me, that's not just the case! That's a problem of the fit-to-DVD compression handling this particular MPEG2 muxed file. I repeat that the only solution for me is to waste a few minutes checking out the recompressed VIDEO-TS folder, before burning the DVD.
  2. delosio

    Odd Behaviour Of Fit-to-dvd Function

    Odd isn't it? I don't know what could be possibly wrong. I checked out the mpeg file that got blurry after the fit-to-DVD compression in order to figure out the cause, but with no results: the original file itself is OK, no visible artefacts watching it with QT player or MpegStreamClip or VLC. I made a few experiments on the Video-TS folder saved from Popcorn 3. I used Mpegstreamclip to fix the timecodebreaks in the vob recompressed with the fit-to-dvd function, the one that cause DVD player to crash, then I switched the bad vob with the fixed one and corrected the dependacies with MyDVDedit. Then I tested the "patched" Video_TS folder with DVD player and even if the video was yet quite blurry DVD player didn't crash at all. So I think that the best thing to do is to lose a few minutes saving a disk image instead of a direct burn and check out if everything is OK when I use the fit-to-DVD encoding option.
  3. delosio

    Odd Behaviour Of Fit-to-dvd Function

    Hi tsantee, well I follow quite the same steps. First of all cut the commercial within EyeTV and then export the stream in "mpeg Program file" format. Then I add this mpg file to the DVD-video window of Popcorn 3 with custom encoder settings on "never reencode". Popcorn 3 just multiplex the stream and save to a disk image. After that i follow the same procedure you describe in order to shrink the DVD with the fit-to-DVD compression, but I don't burn the disk immediately, I save another Disk Image to check the results both with DVD Player and MyDVDEdit, before wasting an optical media.
  4. delosio

    Odd Behaviour Of Fit-to-dvd Function

    I updated Popcorn to the latest version as soon as installed on my iMac. The settings in Popcorn encoder preferences are corrected.
  5. delosio

    Odd Behaviour Of Fit-to-dvd Function

    I've recently purchased a boxed copy of Popcorn 3 in order to burn on DVD my favourites TV shows broadcasted on free on air DVB-T channels. I own an Elgato DTT stick with EyeTV 3 software and the only thing that I needed was a tool to fit a slightly too large video on a 4.32 GB DVD. I noticed that the Fit-to-DVD function actually has some problems with mpeg2 streams to re-encode. I recorded some Opera's movies directly from a DVB stream, and recompressing with Popcorn I obtained some blurry vob files that make DVD player crash after few seconds of reproduction. I checked the stream exported from EyeTV with Mpegstreamclip and it was OK, no timecode breaks at all. Then I checked the vob file produced by popcorn 3 Fit-to-DVD recompression of the same exported stream and it had 68 timecode breaks to fix. Any suggestion?
  6. delosio

    Popcorn Or Toast 9 For Tiger 10.4.11

    I'm in the same situation as babylonslim, so I hope you'll excuse me if I enter the thread with my own request. Actually I own Toast 6 and I'm considering upgrading to Toast 9 or Popcorn. Essentially I need a software to author DVD video Disc from MPeg2 stream recorded from DVB-T free-on-air channel. The only feature that I really am interested in about Toast 9 is the Fit-to-DVD option in order to recompress automatically a stream that is slighter bigger to be mastered on a DVD support, but it seems that the Fit-to-DVD option is included in Popcorn too as well as the VIDEO-TS batch encoding feature that is really usefull. I really don't care about the other burning features of Toast 9. So, since Popcorn is half the price of Toast 9 or 10, at least here in Europe, I'm considering to buy the former. Any suggestion? Greetings Gianmarco
  7. delosio

    Why I'm Not Upgrading

    I tried to upgrade from my Toast Version to Toast 9 using the upgrade center of Roxio Webstore. In the Shopping chart are these Items: Toast 9 Titanium -Upgrade ESD $59.99 Toast 9 HD and BD Plug-in - ESD 1 FREE Toast 9 Titanium - ESD UG/EM $99.99 Rebate ($20 MIR) - Toast 9 Titanium 1 FREE Toast 9 HD and BD Plug-in - ESD 1 FREE Roxio Recommended BackUp D For a total of 159.98 $. Wasn't I supposed to pay only 59.99$ for the upgrade? What exactly "Toast 9 Titanium - ESD UG/EMW" stands for?