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  1. Jet, Was not sure if it is the new 9550 vidoe card or the onboard S3/Chrome adapter that get EMC 9 working for you? I also have the onboard VIA S3 VGA but I am using a ATI 128pro.. and have problem with EMC 9...
  2. VCWU

    error encoding menu

    GrandpaBruce, I know the ATI AIW 128pro was old. I was not looking for performance on EMC 9. Just can it run with software rendering ? I was running EMC 6 with the same hardward on XP/Win98 and happy with the way it work (v6 using a Roxio olde DVD authoring tool). The reason I upgrade is because I hope EMC 9 will work directly with my mpg file from my Sony DVD camcorder. I hated to convert those mpg files from AC3 to standard mpeg audo (btw, the Sony SW tool kit does that).
  3. After numerous problem with MyDVD to run, (encoding error on menu, Win XP and ATI 128pro old video card) , I have tried to install EMC 9 on a different computer. Installation went okay. When start MyDVD, it asked for Activation for the MPEG (I did not see that request on the other machine). I have an error as "No permission - Bad Installation". Unplug ethernet cable and retry.. Same error.. that caused application to close by itself. Can not find orget to Offline activition button or screen. Why to find it ? Frustrated Customer: Vincet... P4 2.8G, 512MB, 16xDVD-RW, ATI 9250 video coard... Win2000 SP4, IE 6.0
  4. VCWU

    error encoding menu

    I also have encoder error on the menu (with 0% complete) as soon as it starts the process. Same problem with any options of DVD, Folder or iso (all with SW rendering) I have a P4 3Ghz , 700 MB, two DVD-RW 8x and 16s. Video is ATI AIW Rage 128pro with Directx 9.c, on Win XP SP2. The OS was installed very recent and fresh with all the security update I know of. A little fustratured as my Rox DVD/CD creater 6.0 was doing fine (except it does not support AC3 that I have on my Sony DVD-camcorder materails) Vincent..
  5. VCWU

    Sony HandyCam DVD405 MPG File Support

    I have a Sony DVD-305 and have similar problem. I also buy EMC 9 but with same problem. The orginal vidoe clips in mini-DVD before finalized are named as .mpg file and they can be copied to HDD. I need to run the Sony software to convert the AC3 audio to MPEG audio and resave the file (under .mpg). After that, Roxio EMC can import and or read the video file. But I really don't want to convert each mpg file as each start/stop during recording created a new clip. Unless there is better way, Is this the only way: finalized the mini-DVD as big VOB file. And have Videowave/MyDVD work with this big VOB file (edit, split,...,etc).
  6. VCWU

    digital dolby ac3 sound

    I have sony DVD Camcorder and the video only has use dolby digital (either 2ch or 5.1) for audio recording. The camcorder does not support mpeg audio format. IF I use basic bundle EMC to import mpeg file for DVD burning, it would say it does not support the "MPEG file". I hated to go through the audio conversion with Sony software on every megp files. Does the retail version EMC 9 can read in dolby digital sound from MPEG file ?