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    Error -50 When Trying To Convert .tivo Files

    They say this may be fixed in 9.0.3. One can hope.
  2. JerD

    Update (when Will There Be A Update From 9.0.2)?

    They [hope] "soon" or "very soon", depending on which post you read. So that's the company line.
  3. I PMed him as well per other member's suggestions who were lucky enough to get the software, and I've had no response. And support is a joke, they just say it doesn't exist. It's really annoying to be ignored, but Roxio has a monopoly on Mac burning software so they have a lot less motivation to improve things than they would if there were some competition. I've been waiting patiently for 9.0.3 to fix this problem as well as the ever present -50 problem, and was willing to give the beta a shot in the interim, but apparently I am not one of the chosen few. I am not a happy camper, and very disappointed with the software & service on this version.
  4. JerD

    Success With The Lg Ggw-h20l.

    I opened a ticket to support specifying that I have this drive and even specifically mentioned that there was a post in the forums about the new beta version and the response I got was: "Thank you for Contacting Roxio Technical Support Unfortunately we do not have a beta version on the Roxio website. Roxio Technical Support" Apparently I didn't use the magic words. Irritating.
  5. JerD

    Audio Pass-through?

    Hmmm I'll have to give that a shot. I didn't realize QT Pro could mux files. I've been muxing the DD5.1 audio & toast video output tracks back together with ffmpeg (command line), and it introduces distortion in certain scenes (major blocking, like part of the video is highly compressed, even though I'm not recompressing the video with ffmpeg). The separate video track before being muxed plays fine....
  6. JerD

    Encoding For Tivo?

    Is there any way to encode a video to MPEG2 for sending back to a Tivo?
  7. JerD

    Audio Pass-through?

    Is there any profile in Toast 9 that supports audio pass-through? The only ones I've found have that option greyed out. I have a file I'm encoding for AppleTV that contains a dolby digital 5.1 track and I'd like to keep it intact.
  8. JerD

    Crunch hangs converting MPEG-2 file

    I tried fixing the timecodes in Streamclip and that didn't make a difference. It scanned through the whole thing and said '0 timecode breaks' the whole time. I'm just not sure why Mplayer & VLC play it fine but anything quicktime based chokes on it. Ah well, I guess I'm giving up for now. Thanks for the ideas!
  9. JerD

    Crunch hangs converting MPEG-2 file

    The video file is a decoded mpeg2 file from a TiVo. It will not play in Quicktime.... just a blank white screen, even though I have the MPEG2 decoder installed. In MPEG Streamclip, it also shows a blank white screen. When I go to File > Show Stream Info, it shows: Type: MPEG program stream Duration: 0:30:03 Data Size: 1.05 GB Bit Rate: 4.99 Mbps Video Tracks: 224 MPEG-2, 704 × 480, 4:3, 23.976 fps, 15.00 Mbps, lower field first Audio Tracks: 128 AC3 2/0, 48 kHz, 256 kbps Any ideas? I can convert the file using FFMpeg, but I was hoping Crunch would run faster. Now I'm just hoping I didn't waste money purchasing Crunch. What's odd is that when I drop the video into Crunch, I can scroll through the whole thing within Crunch. FWIW, The file plays fine using Mplayer and VLC.
  10. I am trying to convert a mpeg2 file with the following specs: Video: mpeg-2, 704x480, 15000kbps, 29.97fps Audio: ac3, 48000Hz, 256kbps Crunch seems to hang at 0% and never moves, regardless of the format I select to convert to. In the preview window I can scroll through the video and it appears fine. Any ideas? Is there a log I can check? TIA