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    Tdk Exits Cd / Dvd Media Market

    Very interesting... When I had gotten my very first CD-R drive (Compro/Panasonic 7502 4x burn) back in 1997, all I did was buy TDK media. At that time, the media wasn't perfect, neither was the drive nor the burning software. (It was _early_ in the CD-R days...) Over time, everything had gotten better and I continued to use TDK media, until I ran into a really bad batch of CD's. I found a tool that could read the ATIP code (manufacturing code) on the CD-R, and found that the batch that I had was made by (BLAH) Ritek. I contacted a friend that works at TDK's US HQ (About 5 miles from me) and she said that some of their CD-R manufacturing has been outsourced and that my milage may vary. She told me that I could purchase genuine TDK media from her, if I wanted to. From that day on, I have only used Verbatim disks and they are perfect!!! (Even so on DVD+/-R discs!) If you haven't tried them, buy a small spindle! You won't be sorry...
  2. dcomo

    Confirmed: Windows Xp On Mac Done!

    Based on what I had read, there are a number of things that are not working just yet. Supposedly none of the acceleration tools are working as well as the video card is still using a standard driver instead of the proper one. (All things that make a computer crawl...) You can see this on one of the screenshots. If you look hard enough, you will see the Device Manager on the machine is missing all sorts of drivers. (Indicated by lots of yellow !) If they can pull this off perfectly, I am buying a MacBook!
  3. dcomo

    People At Bestbuy Lied To Me

    BTW- Best Buy employees do not work on comission, however they do tend to shift people around in their stores, so you may have been getting software advice from someone who regularly sells stoves and microwaves. I was in my local BestBuy looking for a replacement water filter for my fridge and since the store was understaffed one of their home theater people found it for me...
  4. dcomo

    I Like The New Boards

    Pat has a brand new looking avatar to go along with it! :-)
  5. dcomo

    I Dig It!

    All, It's a new look a little different, but I am digging it! Looking forward to using it more deeply in the future!