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  1. Hey guys, Last night, I created another DVD with the ISO image for the 64 bit version of Fedora 7. It booted up with no issues just like the earlier one. The install went pretty well. I had to choose setup of partitions manually. Then it gave me the choice to select the default OS. I still get only a 2 second windows before it starts up XP, but at least it is booting up with the OS I will be using the most and I don't have to wait there during boot, make sure to hit a key within those 2 seconds and switch the boot to the other OS. Per documentation, the Grub config is the correct file to use to modify the boot menu. Next, I need to work on getting all the devices to work under linux. So far, the sound isn't working. Even though in the control panel the test sound comes out ok, it cannot play a CD. Well, that is the pain in the neck stuff about Linux. I plan to fix them one at a time and try to enjoy the process. I reckon they have lost of forums I can post questions to for these issues. You were a great support for me and helped me solve this problem. Thank you very much. Rashid
  2. Hello everyone, Last night I burned a DVD from the ISO image using Disc Copy and not choosing 'bootable' on the Roxio program. I rebooted on that DVD and guess what? It worked! The Fedora install took off like a breeze and went thru the whole setup. Now I have a second OS next to my Windows XP! I do need to learn more about Fedora's install. It takes priority over XP. Upon booting my computer, it gives me 2 seconds to hit a key and choose the XP instead of Linux. This is a separate topic, I understand. I was able to download the 64 bit version of Linux Fedora. It took me two days to complete the 3.5 GB download. I will burn a DVD from the the ISO image for the 64 bit using Roxio, and the Disc copy method I used last night, and do another install tonight to see if I can partition my Hard disk better with this install. I just built my new computer a week ago. I have the specs at the bottom. It should be able to handle the 64 bit OS. Thank you so much for all your wonderful help. Regards, Rashid *********************** EVGA Nvidia 680 SLI motherboard Intel Core 2 Duo, E6600, 4 MB cache 2 GB Patriot extreme RAM ASUS EN8600GT graphics board with 256 MB of DDR3 RAM Zalman CPU cooler 550W Antec power supply Pioneer 16x, R200, DL DVD burner Samsung 18x DVD burner 22" ViewSonic LCD ***********************
  3. I may need some help. Are you sure that I can create this DVD using the 'Copy Disk' function? Doesn't that usually point to the other CDrom drive to copy from? I am sorry, I should have the program in front of me to ask this. This popped in my mind as a possible problem. Thanks, Rashid
  4. Thank you all for your inputs. These are xecellent sugfgestions. How much luck have you had if you were to boot from a DVD? The Fedora 7 iso image that I have is 2.7 GB, so it won't fit on a CD. I know I can find it broken down to several CDs and try it that way, as well. Rashid
  5. I reckon I create another DVD without making it bootable. I fear I may have done this in the past and it did not work, the same. Then I will have to deal with issues of boot read timining out. I will keep everyone posted about the results. Are there any other things to be aware of when trying to install Linux Fedora? This is a different topic. Thanks, Rashid
  6. Hello everyone, I just purchased a Pioneer DVD burner which came with Roxio easy creator version 8.2 XE. I am trying to create a bootable DVD which contains the Fedora 7 Installation. The ISO file is 2.7 GB. I created a DVD which only contains the ISO file and I clicked on the Bootable button before creating it. When I tried booting with that DVD, I got an Operating system error . What do I need to do to create this DVd and be able to boot with it. Thank you. Rashid