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    Id appreciate any help or suggestions please: Im attempting to burn a DVD by way of Sonic MyDVD, (edited in Sony Vegas and rendered to AVI ) - something Ive done on numerous occasions prior. Today however I get an error message saying: "no audio decoder available for this stream type". Ive done this proceedure many times before. The only difference is that since the last time I used MyDVD in May, Ive installed "RegCure". Ive restored the Windows XP to a previous check point up to the date of installing RegCure but I cant restore to a date prior to installing RegCure. It leads me to think that RegCure has deleted the audio decoder currently missing from MyDVD. Has anyone encountered this? Can anyone suggest what the file is that I need to reinstall to get the audio decoder working? (Reinstalling MyDVD has not resolved the problem). Anybody got any suggestions whats going on here PLEASE?