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    Toast Crashing Trying To Burn 96K Audio Dvd

    FYI-- once I was able to update to 10.0.9 I was able to burn 96/24 disks-- even though I am on the "unsupported" Mountain Lion OS.
  2. I've been exploring the high rez. audio arena and have downloaded some FLAC music files which sound great on my computer. I really want to hear them through my quite high end home system so have experimented with burning to CD, converting and playing with iPod, etc. I am totally convinced that the best sound comes from music burned to audio DVD (not DVD-Audio, btw),and played from my standard home DVD player. Pretty incredible really, HOWEVER, no matter what I try via Toast (or any other software) I am getting some spectacular sounding discs but also a very slight distortion-- high end "rice krispies"sound if you will. The other anomaly is that I can choose almost all of the Toast options for encoding and get successful burns, EXCEPT when I choose the very highest of the quality options - PCM, 96Khz, 24 bit - Toast builds the "graphics" first, and then starts encoding the first file and crashes every time. Any thoughts out there? Thanks in advance-- Scott
  3. Scotious

    Toast Crashing Trying To Burn 96K Audio Dvd

    Thanks, tsantee-- I guess I can settle, but the holy grail is still out there, ya know. Wonder why every other setting works fine but the 96/24. The other bugaboo is that I can download and install the 10.0.9 update but it won't let me register the update. Have a tech support ticket it for that one... Thx. --Scott
  4. Scotious

    Spin Doctor

    Did search on this but did not find anything on this: When capturing from vinyl, and then "auto-defining" tracks, I'm finding that on some of the old records some songs may get so quiet, or have actual pauses, so that one song may end up as 3 or 4 "tracks." Does anyone have a suggestion for what to set sensitivity at to avoid this? And/or does anyone know how I can select the 3 or 4 tracks and force them to become one track? I'm sure I'm just not seeing something here, but can't seem to do this.
  5. Scotious

    Spin Doctor

    Thanks for the advice. Wish there was a way to just "combine" tracks, as the auto track feature is a great time saver....