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  1. Thanks. I'm sorry, ESC is not working. So I'll wait till Vista is supported.
  2. Hi, Last week I bought the Roxio DV-capture software and I installed it in Vista MCE. When I start MCE and go to Programs I see that there is a button "Video Capture". This is OK. When I click this button the Roxio Registration Process is started. The first message is that the Roxio server cannot be found (the internet connection is fine). When I click on the button "register later" I get the message that this program is already registered (I entered the serialnumber during installation). But when I want to finish the registration process by clicking "finish" this won't work. Als the Cancel-buttons are not working. And then I have to close the Roxio registration window and MCE with the taskmanager because there is no way out. When will there be a Vista release for the DV-capture software?