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    "gapless" CD's impossible on Toast 8

    Thanks, I don't want to hijack this thread, and my problem is in the Jam forum. Thanks for the info. What could help this problem though was that I found that Jam wouldn't work correctly with my internal drive, but it would with an external one, so that is why I suggested he try another drive or computer.
  2. ctone

    Making Audio Master CD

    From what I have read, it doesn't have that feature anymore. Just curious, what do you need this printed in text for?
  3. ctone

    Toast 8 doesn`t burn DVDs faster than 8x

    Is it even possible to update firmware for CD-DVD drives on a Mac? I have only seen Windows firmware updaters.
  4. ctone

    "gapless" CD's impossible on Toast 8

    Hey RTC, Have you tried using crossfades in Toast? Maybe using the shortest possible crossfade could solve the problem. Also, try doing it on another computer or burner just to make sure that isn't what is causing the problem. I feel your pain, bro. It seems that Roxio has stopped supporting Jam, and just took some of its features and put them into Toast and then just forgot about Jam. I am having issues with burning discs using Jam on my G5, and am thinking about upgrading to Toast 8, but like you, I don't want to waste the money just to see if it solves my problem for something that should work anyway.
  5. I am having the same (or very similar) problem. I am also using Pro Tools, and Jam used to work fine, so maybe it is a Pro Tools update that broke it. I am also getting strange behavior from the Digi Core Audio app., in that I have selected built-in audio in the System Prefs, and Core Audio still launches occasionally. Here's my problem: Mine crashes and freezes at the beginning of a CD burn or at the end of a Disk Image save. The screen freezes and I can't quit or even force quit the program. It looks like the CD's and Disk image are made, but I haven't tested them yet. I tried several different disks and a couple of different Jam files with no luck. I did make a new Jam file with the same sound files as the one that was crashing (without changing the order, putting in the CD-Text, Mastering Info, or ISRC codes), and it worked fine. As soon as I changed the order, put in the exact pause lengths, the CD-Text, Mastering Info, and ISRC codes, it wouldn't burn without freezing. I have to hold the button in on my computer to get it to shut down after these Jam freezes. NOT GOOD. I am running Jam 6.0.3, Mac OS 10.4.8, G5 dual 2.0 gHz, Pro Tools 7.2 EDIT: I realized that I had sucessfully burned some CD's a few days earlier with the same songs, but without the ISRC and UPC codes, so somehow those are what is making it freeze. Also, after a lot of testing, I was only able to get it working with an external FireWire CD burner. FYI: my internal drive that won't burn Jam CD's with the codes is a Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A (aka 16x Superdrive) By the way, Toast works fine for me, but again, it doesn't record ISRC or UPC codes.