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  1. I'm still a MAC newbie, but I've got iMovie, QT Pro, and FlipForMac and I still lack the ability to convert to the MPEG-2 format. I am really suprised that these tools lack this capability, but cie la vie. I would like to find out if Roxio Crunch will allow me to convert MOVs, MPEG-4, and other formats over to the MPEG-2 (mpg) format. Do you know if this is possible? Thank you for any feedback and insights you can provide.
  2. JustADude

    Using Roxio Crunch to convert from MOV to MPEG-2

    Thank you very much for your post. Can you explain how to get iDVD to produce an MPEG-2 output? Also, does Toast simply output an *.mpg file or are there some other steps. Thanks again for your feedback.