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    Audio when converting LP's

    Certainly, and I appreciate the help. There just aren't any other drivers that came with the turntable, which is leading me to believe that I don't have something set correctly in Windows. I have checked the soundcard, and there doesn't appear to be any setting I can change. The only thing that seemed odd to me was within EMC, while the recording device was listed as the USB Codec (the turntable), the input is listed is "microphone", and there is no other option in the dropdown. That is, I can't select anything else. Now, it may just select microphone as the generic human interface device, but it still seemed odd.
  2. Mets17

    Audio when converting LP's

    Yep, capture works fine. I see the input meters moving when I click record, and once the recording is complete and I playback the MP3 I created, it also plays fine. The only issue is with the audio during recording. FWIW, I checked with ION, and they weren't overly helpful. Basically, because the turntable is a class compliant USB audio device, it uses the generic driver software that is built into the OS (in this case, XP Professional). Once I connected the turntable to the PC with the USB cable, the PC recognized it as an audio input device titled "USB Audio Codec". According to ION, there are no other drivers needed. The interesting thing is that within the Audacity application, there is a function called "monitor input", which if selected, allows you to listen to the LP as you are recording it. I didn't see anything like that within EMC, so I'm kind of stuck here. If anyone else has any bright ideas, I would appreciate it. Thx, Ron
  3. Mets17

    Audio when converting LP's

    It did come with software, but it didn't appear to be drivers. It was actually a disk for a software applicaiton called "Audacity", which is a shareware program (available at SourceForge) in the same mode as EMC, only it provides one function: converting LP's to MP3's. The problem is that this software is awful, so I really don't want to install it. Anyway, I'll check with ION to see what they say as well, but I'm pretty sure that Audacity disk is the only one that came with the turntable. Thx, Ron
  4. Mets17

    Audio when converting LP's

    Hi, New to EMC, and had what is probably an easy configuration problem to solve. I have an ION USB turntable, and am using it with EMC 9 to convert some of my old LP's to MP3's. The recording process works flawlessly, as the meters are moving (so I can see I am getting input), and when the recording is complete, the MP3's play back fine. The problem is that I am not getting any audio out of my speakers *during* the recording process, so I can't hear when a song ends, or when it actually starts. I have to eyeball it, which is a pita. In the control panel under sounds and audio devices, my PC sound card is selected as the playback device, and the USB CODEC (for the turntable) is selected as the recording device. I've checked the volume levels for both, and both are set to half way. As I said, I am sure I am missing something simple. Anyone have a suggestion? Thx, Ron