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  1. Hello Everyone, I am new here and I need some help and fast pls!.. I am making a powerpoint presentation for my cousin's wedding this Saturday and have all kinds of trouble with many things.. to make a long story short I thought that I had it all done last night - I burned it to a DVD with Roxio and we viewed it and it worked great! I did this at my aunt's house because I do not have Powerpoint 2003 on my computer. Everything looked great and worked just fine, music, pics, etc. were perfect! I made a copy on DVD for myself to take home and try to view -- I have the Powerpoint Viewer 2003 but NOT the acutaly Powerpoint 2003 porgram. Anyway, to make a long story short, it let me view it on the viewer but for some reason I have no music now.. any ideas why this could be? When I did the persentation I took the music right off the computer and it worked on the copy that I left at my aunt's house!! Could it be because I don't have the actual prgram here on my computer? You would think that it would work since I have the viewer!! Anyway, I had originally made the first trial cd of the presentation with Roxio on a CD-R with no music, just the slide of the pics and stuff. I did this thinking that the guy that was going to get it set up was going to just take the CD-R and the song CD and has the music on it and upload the powerpoint onto his labtop and run it through his powerpoint program on there and then just play it from there.. and then insert the song cd and play it all together! Well, he said he didn't want to do it that way so I had to make the persentation with the music right on the presentation and let me tell ya, that can be a real pain in the butt and it takes really long too sometimes as it did with me this time Anyway, so my question with all this is.. do you think that I can't view it on my computer because I don't have the acutal Powerpoint 2003 porgram or maybe is it because I burned it to a DVD instead of a CD-R? What is the best thing to butn it to using Roxio? I am new with both of these programs so I am kinda lost lol! I burned both the DVD and CD-R under DATA, is that right? HELP PLS! Ok thanks in advance. Back to check in in a bit, thanks a lot for your help!