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    Problem With A Specific Dvd

    I must have been doing something wrong when I was trying this. I skipped it and moved on to other projects. Toast seemed to be working fine once more. When I went back to the problem disc there were no problems. Hmmm..
  2. thesteelavenger

    Problem With A Specific Dvd

    it was Mac OS error 1852402768 which is noted in the thread above this one on the board.
  3. thesteelavenger

    Mac Os Error Code Writing To Dvd-r

    I had the same error problem with one home movie even when I tried bringing it into Toast 7 in several different formats through several different programs. No matter what file type it ended up as it still gave this message when saving as disc image or attempting to burn to disc (after 2 hours of encoding).
  4. thesteelavenger

    Problem With A Specific Dvd

    I've been trying to combine two of my home movies and I've been running into some trouble. One of them works just fine, but the other can't be saved as a disc image or burned to a disk. Everytime I get to the end of the encoding I get the same error message (a long number sequence that means Toast doesn't like the file, per another chapter on this forum). Here's the deal. I've tried importing the movie through Toast 7, I've tried ripping it through Mac the Ripper. I tried importing it through MTR and Toast and then exporting as DV then bringing the DV back into Toast. I've tried exporting to DV then editing it a little and saving as a .mov reference movie then bringing it back to toast. I've tried playing it in a DVD player and capturing it in Imovie. I've tried palying it in a DVD player and capturing it in Toast 7. Each time I get the same error message at the end of compression. This doesn't make sense to me. If it had a problem with the file, why would it have the same problem with a newly captured Imovie file or a video stream captured directly by Toast itself? At the least, how can I repair this movie so I can combine it with some of my other home movies?
  5. thesteelavenger

    Size Estimates Are Off

    Well the import DVD thing (as per the above instructions) didn't do the trick. Neither did downloading a new version to replace the one on my hard drive. As far as Toast 7 is concerned a 4.7 gb DVD is only able to hold 1.36 gb. I can burn a project to a DVD and it seems fine, but I have no way of telling how close I'm getting to filling the disc up.
  6. thesteelavenger

    Size Estimates Are Off

    I'll try that. I'm worried it won't work though. I just tried a dvd project using an Imovie .mov (I dragged and dropped it, I tried the above method and I couldn't bring it in that way). It's still saying that it thinks a DVD is only 1.36 gb. A few days ago it was recognizing that a DVD can hold up to 4.36 gb. Maybe I should re-load the whole toast 7 on my computer.
  7. thesteelavenger

    Size Estimates Are Off

    Right, I forgot what it used to say. Something like 4.36 gb if I recall. I'm dragging and dropping some old home movies to consolidate them on one disk. Once I drop the first one it shows the bar as red and the usage as 203% of the 1.3gb it says a dvd holds.
  8. thesteelavenger

    Encoding Time

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'm used to a 2 hr movie from Imovie encoding and burning in 2-3 hours. I've got a 1.73 ghz processor on a g5 power mac, running the same version of Toast. I've never had any project take anywhere near 10 hours.
  9. thesteelavenger

    Size Estimates Are Off

    For some reason the color bar showing how much room is used on the project for cd's dvd's and dl disks is off in the DVD category. Instead of 4.7 gb it shows the project as a percentage of 1.36 gb's. The other categories seem okay.
  10. thesteelavenger

    Problem Saving As Disc Image

    I found another method that works pretty well. I exported all of the movie files in my Toast 7 DVD project as DV to my desktop. From there I could use the DV files to build my project and save as a disc image with no problems. The resulting disc seems good so far, I've only flipped through the chapters, but they're all working good. No burn errors.
  11. thesteelavenger

    Problem Saving As Disc Image

    Thanks for the suggestion, it wasn't that. I finally got an error message. It was related to MAC OS error 18768, which I see is about dropped frames or quality problems with the source disk. I'm burning home movies from dvd's I made with my mac. I've found a few work arounds that seem to work eventually. One is to convert the DVD's to disc images (I used disk utility for that) and it'll sometimes work okay after that for saving as disk image through toast. Mostly it still gives me trouble though. I've found I can sometimes burn straight to DVD from there and it'll work fine for whatever reason. Can I export the video as MPEG-4 and still keep the same quality when I come back and burn a DVD? Someone had a suggestion about that related to MPEG's being exported as MPEG files repairing the problem without losing quality. I'm worried exporting as MPEG will lower my quality.
  12. thesteelavenger

    Problem Saving As Disc Image

    I have version 7.0.2 of toast, I've been saving each project as a disk image to overcome a problem with sound not being imported from iMovie correctly all the time (thanks to advice from this site). However I've recently had some trouble saving a project as a disk image when saving from a dvd disk directly. It'll get all the way towards the end of writing "project.toast" or whatever title I've chosen and then it will stop writing the project with no error message and the "project.toast" icon dissapears from the desktop. No trace of it is anywhere in the system. I've re-booted and re-saved the project and it's done the same thing three times.
  13. thesteelavenger

    No Sound On Movies Imported From Imovie

    I've wasted quite a few disks trying to burn movies imported from Imovie using Toast 7. This happens whether there are chapters in the IMovie or not. If I go into the Edit Tab for the movie in Toast 7 I can hear sound, but the final product has no sound after the first few minutes. This doesn't happen all the time, but recently it's been half to most of the time. Any advice would be appreciated.