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  1. Well he did originally post to EMC 10 thread
  2. Did you 'upgrade' the OS or install a new one? If you are still using XP (which I would guess you are seeing that EMC10 was never certified for Windows 7) there were so-called 'critical' updates issued by Redond (such as IE9) which DID wreck functionality of Videowave . Updates to Media Player also messed up DRM management - that is a function of the OS itself and MS did tighten the screws on that
  3. As I said in the older thread, if the app originally worked and so did the files, then something has changed If you changed the OS you should be aware that Microsoft made changes to the DRM management and that could be the reason There have been no changes to Videowave 10 that would account for that so that leaves the OS and the MS DRM management
  4. gi7omy

    Roxio 64 Bit

    Always the danger of necro-posting Brendon
  5. gi7omy

    Roxio 64 Bit

    Ben - this thread is over 2 years old and 2 versions back (and there still isn't a 64 bit version, so you lost your bet )
  6. EMC 7 is a real antique and the only way you may find copies would be on eBay. Having said that, you may find the version you did have is a cut-down OEM version. Also note that it will NOT run on Windows 7
  7. gi7omy

    Videowave Lag

    As far as I know that machine uses a Celeron and also Intel graphics (running off the main system RAM which is only rated at 800 MHz) which would give it a performance hit Have you tried using software rendering to see if that works any better?
  8. gi7omy

    Roxio Burn

    Run (from start menu) msconfig then deselect the app and reboot. Ignore any message saying you have changed the startup procedure
  9. gi7omy

    Remove Divx Add-On From Firefox

    You can disable it - it doesn't actually do anything unless you are watching streaming video and there's no performance hit. If you think that's bad, check the add-ons in Internet Explorer sometime (they're even worse). Remember - a browser is just an extension of the overall operating system and when you install any application, it is added to the OS where necessary (whether it's the registry, browser, start menu or whatever)
  10. If you had problems with 2011, you are likely to have the same with 2012 - but a lot depends on your computer specifications (CPU speed, RAM, etc) It's also possible there is a problem with the Operatring system (they tend to get cranky after a long period of time as stuff is added or removed) and the best cure for that is to save all data files, re-format and re-install
  11. If it isn't too late I'd advise you never to post yor e-mail on any public forum (it's a guaranteed way to attract spam). I've taken the liberty of editing it out
  12. gi7omy

    Remove Divx Add-On From Firefox

    Same thing here CD (Firefox 13) but Acrobat is also 'disable' only
  13. gi7omy

    I Lost The Software, Can I Re-Download?

    Either a backup disc or make the first thing you do is to burn your own DVD from the download
  14. gi7omy

    Aspect Ratio

    Are you using Videowave and getting this screen at the beginning?
  15. Just to point out that just because a BD-RE drive supports reading CD-Text, it does NOT follow that it will support writing
  16. gi7omy

    Optical Drives Gone

    Dougy - you're replying to a thread that's been dead for two years
  17. gi7omy

    Not Sure Where To Go

    Without knowing what Dell installed it's almost impossible to say. Can you open the app at all and go to 'help, about' and give us the version and rev number?
  18. gi7omy

    Roxio 2012 Pro Upgrade

    You can run the SFX directly or extract it to a folder - either way works. Personally I'd recommend extracting to a folder anyway and use the contents of that to burn a DVD so you have a backup copy Content is semi-optional. If you don't install it you will find that themes, menus, etc will be very limited. There are also extra bundled apps in it
  19. gi7omy

    Has Anyone Else Had Trouble Capturing Video Off Youtube?

    Which is exactly why I stick with FF 3
  20. gi7omy

    Has Anyone Else Had Trouble Capturing Video Off Youtube?

    A workround (some Youtube videos are blocked for capture) I use Firefox 3 with the 'Easy Youtube Downloader' plugin and it captured the .flv files, then loaded that into Video Copy and Convert to get a mpeg2 file
  21. gi7omy

    Problem Converting Tivo Files

    The support section is still in the process of being transferred so hiccups are bound to happen. As for the Tivo files - what Tivo fail to mention is that not all of their programs can be converted (they're scrambled). Now I don't know if this is the case with you or not - I'm only mentioning it in passing. What happens if you right click on the file and use 'open with' and select the relevant Roxio app from there?
  22. gi7omy

    Watch Commercial Bluray On Creator 2010 Pro

    I was more getting at the financial cost of constand software upgrades - the rate they keep changing the encryption the guys in development would have no time for anything else
  23. gi7omy

    Watch Commercial Bluray On Creator 2010 Pro

    The Studios keep changing the encryption that fast that no-one could keep up (in a vain effort to stop people ripping them) That's why standalone players need constant firmware 'upgrades'
  24. gi7omy

    Video Copy And Convert

    I use this one myself Fastest, easiest & most reliable free YouTube downloader. Highest sound quality available with M4A, MP3, MP4, AAC, FLV and HD formats! Single click, non-intrusive, direct download button works directly within the YouTube page!
  25. gi7omy

    Video Copy And Convert

    Err Brendon - your post is #8 - this one is #9 Actually I was talking about specific youtube add-ons (some of which will auto-convert the flv files to mp4)