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    Deleting Scenes(commercials) From Tv Video

    I'll try that, but what is the point of the scene detection if you can't save or delete any scenes after if runs thru the detection? thanks
  2. I have this stupid DVR on my TV (I think VHS taping was much easier). I taped the world series and left the tv taping for about 5 hours. I succesfully managed to copy the entire program to my new laptop with Vista and all is well. I got video and audio. My problem is I want to delete commercials and make a dvd of the program. I have tried to use the scene detection and after it completes I delete all the commericals(which takes forever). I hit okay and it closes and I don't know where the rest of my video that I didn't delete is. I have tried this several times in Video Wave and in DVD and nothing. I think it will take forever to do it by cutting out each individual commericial by the timeline. Anyone know about what this scene detection is all about. I also tried to drag and drop the scenes I wanted to save into videowave, that didn't work. I hate that VHS is becoming obsolete. It was so much easier to just tape a tv show to vhs and watch it at your convience. Now you have to get your show off of the DVr or else you wont' have any room to tape other programs or possibly lose shows if the cable box crashes. Which has happened to me. Any help would be appreciated. I have ECM 9 deluxe. Dorothy