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  1. Kermit1

    Transfer Photo In Nxt Pro 3

    I am using NXT Pro 3 and I don't see the option of importing photos anymore. Import video is still available but no for photos. Why do they (Roxio) remove such an important feature ? Can anyone please let me know how I can import photos without this feature in NXT Pro 3 ? Thanks.
  2. Kermit1

    Transfer Photo In Nxt Pro 3

    Hi everyone, I am currently using Creator NXT Pro 3. I noticed that the transfer photo feature is missing from this version. I remembered when I was using an older version for the Creator product, I was able to transfer my photos from the SD card to my hard drive using the Roxio photo transfer function. In this version (NXT Pro 3), I only have the video transfer function available. Can anyone please let me know how I can get the photo transfer function back ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Kermit1

    Roxio Creator 2012 And Photoshow Premium

    Thanks sknis, Just to re-confirm... In other words, I still have to join "the 1st year" as premium subscriber in order to download V6. Then, I can use ALL the features for a year. As soon as I stop my subscription, I "will not" be able to use all the premium contents (ie. styles, music, stickers, etc...) but can continue to use the software with all the "basic" features. Perhaps, I will not be able to burn my photoshow to DVD either because burning to DVD is a premium feature.
  4. Kermit1

    Roxio Creator 2012 And Photoshow Premium

    Hi everyone, I have a few questions about Photoshow premium. Why does Roxio charge an annual member subscription on this software ? I thought I can just do a one time purchase just like any other software. When the software expires after 1 year (without renewal), can I continue to use the software features (like all the premium music and burning to DVD) for my photoshow ? I don't really need to use the online version and their web space. I just need to build my photoshow with all the available music and burn it to DVD for keepsake. Any inforamtion will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Kermit1

    Poster Template

    Hi Roxio users, Do you know where I can get more free Roxio poster templete? It has only 6 poster templates from the initial installation. I searched around the roxio site but didn't see any place to download and free templates.
  6. I am currently running Creator 10 and thinking about upgrading to Creator Pro 2010. When I went to the Roxio site under Support/Software Upgrades, I noticed there were 2 price options. $79.99 if upgrade from Creator 2009 and $99.99 if upgrade from all other previous versions. Can someone tell me what's the different between the 2? Will the upgrade not work if I pick "upgarde from Creator 2009" instead of "from all other previous versions"? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Kermit1

    Schedule A Backup

    I tried to use my Vista Windows scheduler to schedule a backup job from Roxio BackOnTrack software. Instead of using the basic scheduling options (daily, weeknly, monthly, etc) from BackOnTrack. How do I go about setting up a schedule task using Windows scheduler? What kind of information should I put into the Actions tab in the Windows scheduler? Any documentation in Roxio talks about this? Any help will be greatly appreaciated.
  8. Kermit1


    Thanks Steve for the correction. Yes. I have checked my system. I am current have Directx 10 installed. I tried the suggest by Roxio Technical Support mentioned earlier. It still doesn't work. I am not sure what else to try. I run out of ideas. Does any of you have the same issue as me with CinePlayer? I think this is a Vista thing. Roxio might have to update CinePlayer to deal with the nVidia driver. Please let me know if anyone has other suggestions. Thanks.
  9. Kermit1


    Thanks Terry, The pixel size differences between the two sample images may be due to the way I attach them into this forum. I clicked the attach image icon in this forum to add them. If you click the image itself, it will bring up to its original size. You will see they still look different. I contacted Roxio Technical Support and this is what I've got from them. Not sure if it will work but will try it and let everyone know. ********************************************************* Thank you for contacting Roxio Support. Ok, if you are unable to change the settings then please try the following : CinePlayer Settings (also good for the CP DVD Decoder pack) Make sure that your screen settings are as follows (you can do this by right clicking on the desktop, going to 'Properties' then 'Settings'): - Resolution is 1024 x 768 - 16 bit colour depth - Refresh rate is 75Hz (in Advanced > Monitor) Also, make sure that: - The drivers for your graphics card are the latest WQHL certified drivers (this means that they have been Microsoft approved) - Direct X is up to date (to check version - Start > Run > 'dxdiag' - the latest is version 9.0b) - To update, go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/downloads/ If you have tried the above to no avail: Please try a Clean Install of Easy Media Creator 10 to see if it resolves you're issue : Using Windows XP : http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000086CR Using Windows Vista : http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000127CR Make sure to disable Windows Defender before reinstalling ( Vista users only). Right click on My Computer Click Manage Click Services and Applications Click Services In the Services window on the right, click on Windows Defender Click Stop the service (to the left side of the right window). Try uninstalling and re-installing the software with your protection software (firewall and anti-virus scanner) disabled and all background applications shutdown. Your protection software might have corrupted the installation. Note that having your virus checker and/or software firewall disabled when connected to broadband Internet via DSL or cable modem is not recommended; if you disable your virus checker, you should also temporarily disable your internet connection.
  10. Kermit1

    Back On Track 3 Suite

    Does anyone know why the download function for BOT 3 suite has been disabled on the Roxio site? Only BOT 3 available to be purchased but not BOT 3 suite. Is it worth to buy BOT 3 suite as a PC backup product? I heard alot about Norton Ghost too. I purchased EMC10 suite coz I like EMC9 so much so I decided to upgrade . However, the BOT product there has only file backup and restore functions. But the rest of the other functions, I have to purchase BOT 3 suite to get it. I thought EMC10 suite includes EVERYTHING.
  11. Kermit1


    Hi Terry, thanks for the info. I'm glad that I am not the only one having this trouble . I went to "Control Panel,Personalization,Display Settings and hit the Advanced box --> Troubleshoot tab" as you have suggested, I did see the message that said "Your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings" and the "change settings" button was grayed out. I played a sample clip using CinePlayer and Windows Media Player. It did show a big quality difference between the two players. I am going to attach the two screen shots here, hope you can see their quality differences. You should be able to tell from the sample clip image played by Windows Media Player has much better picture quality, shaper and more solid RED color. You won't see the choppy edge around the sales sign. I hope CinePlayer can do the same to produce as good picture quality as WMP. My CinePlayer Version is 3.9 Build 391B46A. How did you get a higher build? I just purchased my EMC10 from a retail store. Played by CinePlayer: Played by Windows Media Player:
  12. Kermit1


    Hi Sknis, here is what I have. It seems like I am missing the middle part (see screen short). I've updated my nVidia driver to the latest version. My screen resolution is 1024 X 768 Attached image(s)
  13. Kermit1


    Hi Sknis, I was able to unchecked (video acceleration and mixing) both options from Windows>Settings>Control Panel>CinePlayer DVD Decoder. However, when I go to CinePlayer tools, under settings, I was not able to find the video acceleration option. Unde the Video tab, I only have 2 options. The first one is Closed Captions, the middle part is blank (assuming this is where the video acceleration option was). The last option is Video Stretch(CineView). I am not sure if this is something to do with my graphic card. I am using nVidia 7300LE. My OS is Vista Ultimate. Although I disabled the option in CinePlayer DVD Decoder, the quality when playing the mpeg clip in CinePlayer hasn't improved. The image is very low quality and often, I can see many "squares" from the image on the screen. Can you please help. Thanks.
  14. Kermit1

    Emc10 - Back On Track

    Yes. I am in the same boat as you. I really like Backup MyPC product which allowed me to select different folders to backup rather than ONE/All or nothing in a single backup project. I am really disappointed. I thought the newer version (BackOnTrack) will be better. Also, if I want the full product, I have to put out additional money to get the Back On Track 3 Suite which you cannot even go to the Roxio online store to download. I am going to seek out better backup products like Norton Ghost or something like that.
  15. Kermit1


    I have EMC10 suite installed. When I played a MPEG clip using CinePlyer, the quality of the clip is not as good as I played the same clip using Windows Media Center. When I played the clip in CinePlayer, the quality looked like lower pixels and/or the frame set was low. I tried to minimize the view mode, it still didn't help. I ended up not using CinePlayer. I used Windows Media Player instead. It gave me a better quality video (shapper picture and more solid color).