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    Blu-Ray Menu Not Seen on Blu-ray Players

    I believe this is the same problem that has existed since Toast 9. It should be noted, this only happens on CERTAIN BD players - not all! The only known solution I am aware of is to upgrade to Toast 10.0.5. I found that the 10.0.3 upgrade fixed this, and i"m assuming (hopefully correctly) that the problem remains fixed in 10.0.4 and 10.0.5 - I haven't had time to check them both out specifically to see if this is the case..
  2. dagnome

    Burned Bd-r From Mac Toast 10 Don't Work On Bd-p1000

    There have been a number of postings on the fact that not all players seem to react well to BD-R or BD-RE, or even BD on DVD-R. Best is to check with Samsung to see if there's a firmware update that affected BD-R playback compatibility. Roxio is working diligently to determine playback bugs from Toast 10 projects, and ensure playback compatibility. In many ways, playback compatibility for BD recordable is an unpredictable as it was in the early days of DVD.
  3. dagnome

    Sony Blu-ray And Toast 10

    The player has an ethernet jack on the back. If you use a router to distribute your Internet connection, plug a cable from that router into the RJ-45 (Enet) jack on the back of the player, fire it up, and select the firmware upgrade function from the player's home screen. RTFM to find the specific remote control commands, if you need 'em. You shouldn't, though...it's pretty intuitive. HTH - Bruce
  4. dagnome

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    No - I just tried again with Toast 10.1, and again got the "yellow box" stuck over the last frame of the movie (if I used auto-play), or over black (if I didn't use auto-play). I use the BDP-S350
  5. dagnome

    Can Toast Burn A Bdmv Folder?

    Yes, it can.. Use the BDMV setting in the VIDEO section. You will need to have created a BDMV folder BEFORE using this. There MAY be some playback issues, but my SONY BDP-S350 plays them fine... hth - Bruce P.S. I have written this up my website, www.recipe4dvd.com, and also at kenstone.net (Taming the Wild Blu)
  6. dagnome

    Separated Audio And Video Files For Blu Ray

    You will have much better luck using an un-encoded movie and letting Toast encode it for you (as MOEG-2 or AVC), but if you DO encode first, remember that AIFF (WAV) or AC3 are both valid formats for Blu-ray sound. There are other more complex formats, but ac3 is simple to make, and AFII or WAV are ubiquitous.
  7. dagnome

    How To Keep Chapters Markers From Final Cut Pro.

    Don't be angry - You can create Chapters in FCP, and export them as part of your QuickTime source movie; these chapters will be recognized by Toast 9, and placed into the chapter structure of your finished movie. I've just done this with an HDV movie I used to make a Blu-ray disc, and it works, BUT - on playback the chapters seemed to appear about 5 seconds BEFORE where thet had been placed in Final Cut - so perhaps there's something weird about the way the chapters are processed during encode. I've let Roxio know about this, using their feedback@roxio.com email link. Bruce
  8. dagnome

    Toast 9 Blu-ray: Awesome, But...

    Hi - It's been over two months since this was reported here - Any possibility there's a fix? I am burning in 9.02, and this is STILL an issue!
  9. dagnome

    Toas 9 - Bad Top Manu

    Hi Mazi I have also been having this problem - in my case, I get the yellow button outline, but NO menu image, and NO button picture, even though one has been selected. Does anyone have a solution for this yet? Roxio? Are you aware of this bug? Bruce
  10. This info is helpful - thanks and FWIW, I have succefully used Toast 9.02 (with BD plugin) to write a BDMV title created using Encore CS3 (Mac) to a DVD media disc to make a compatible (small) BD on DVD (BD5 or BD9) This is a perfect, and inexpensive, way to create BD5/9 discs that can play on BD players; (so far, I only have the SONY BDP-S350 to test it on, and it works file). HTH - Bruce Nazarian, "the digital guy"