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    Hmm, I will speak loud and clear. Canon will not support direct printing in USA and Canada, due to Epson patents and because it is a competitive zaibatsu (I spent some time in Japan, so I know how important it is for the Japanese). It is not the fault of Canon, or one of numerous marketing tricks. I want to remind that Europeans could enjoy direct CD printing when, in America, Epson led fight against the rest of printing industry. It is more about it here: http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-..._id=0041eu&tag= and the forums of dpreview.com. As I said some patents are simply impossible in the EU, therefore due to competition Europeans can enjoy cheaper printers with such functionality as described above. Americans and Canadians will have to use Epson. What is interesting Americans can "unofficially" restore the functionality of their Canon printers if they buy the tray and install the European driver. Some other, rather small changes are also needed: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=113465 A bit different story is why Roxio sells software which cannot be really useful outside of the US.
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    Unfortunately, Roxio ignores the fact that the world is a bit bigger than the States In the States Epson holds four patents for direct CD/DVD printing. In the world not, because such things cannot be patented at all. So the owners of Roxio and the European, Australian or Japanese versions of Canon printers (Pixma, Pixus series) will have to use some other software. I use Acoustica Label Maker http://www.acoustica.com/cd-label-maker which perfectly works with my Pixma 4000 Forget Roxio and do the same. PS I love narrow minded software producers