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    Dropout Problem

    Hello again. Did a number of tryouts this morning. First I ripped a disc to wav and it had a skip-same spot and track range as before. I then changed the drive speed to 16X and ripped again to wav-no flaw evident. I then ripped 16X to flac-again no flaw. Did two other discs which had once showed flaws and they came out without flaws. Would you then blame this on ripping speed problems or do you have other thoughts? Also when adjusting the drive speed in Roxio I noticed that I could only adjust one drive-my other drive, an rom,doesn't show up in the drop down menu. How do I adjust the read speed of this second drive, if it can be adjusted.
  2. kennynd

    Dropout Problem

    I will give that a go later when I get home. Thanks very much for your help so far. A few observations I went thru over 400 recently ripped songs and found 12-15 with the skip. The skip almost always occurred about 7 seconds into the song. The songs involved were mostly the 2nd or 3rd track of the album rip. A friend said he thought the drive speed may well be part of the problem. I have it set to "max" and he thought 8 or 16 should be the setting. Do you have any feelings about this? Talk to you later in the day.
  3. kennynd

    Dropout Problem

    Yes, a small skip or silent spot. The guy I'm doing this for is a flac perfectionist so I need to do this in flac. I know he has a wav to flac conversion tool but there are a lot of files here and I would rather just rip to flac.
  4. kennynd

    Dropout Problem

    Thanks for your quick reply. I am using Roxio Creator Premier V. 9.0.559 that came with my 4 yr old HP. I use the convert cds section. Someone told me that dropouts can be a known issue with Roxio. I notice that you can adjust the drive speed. Would that have a positive effect on my ripping? Also would a newer version of Roxio solve my problem?
  5. kennynd

    Dropout Problem

    Hello. I am working on a big project-ripping cd's onto my hd in the flac mode. A few of my ripped files have dropouts-usually in the first 10-15 seconds of the song. What are the possible causes of this? I have 2 drives-a writable and a rom. The problem occurs on both drives. It seems to be sporadic and random. Is this a software or hardware problem? Thanks in advance for your help. I hope I have posted this in the correct category.
  6. Hello. I hope I am posting this note in the correct forum. I have Roxio Creator Premier v9/ Express Labeler 3 and I'm trying to create jewel case cd labels. I insert the disc(already burned). The disc is recognized by Roxio-clicking on Disc Titles, all the track info is provided. When I click on Tracks , The Edit Tracks field shows but there is no track info shown. How do I import or show the track listing so that I may print the label. There must be some simple task I'm overlooking. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. kennynd

    Burning video ts files Creator premier 9

    Hello. Thanks for your reply. I copied this info from the "about" menu. Roxio Creator Premier v9 Version: 9.0.559 Build: 905B59B, HMP Serial Number: Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 3.6.36a, 9 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: Roxio Core Version: 3.4.0 Build: 340B23A, HCU Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: Roxio Creator Tools Version: 3.4.0 Build: 340B08A, HCU Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: Roxio Creator EasyArchive Version: 3.4.0 Build: 340B13A, HCU Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: Roxio Creator Data Version: 3.4.0 Build: 340B07A, HCU Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: Roxio Creator Copy Version: 3.4.0 Build: 340B07A, HCU Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: Roxio Creator Audio Version: 3.4.0 Build: 340B08A, HCU Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 I presume this is some kind of oem version. I didn't see this terminology on the Roxio site. The software seemingly can burn iso's but I can't see how to burn video ts files. I think I paid 79.00 extra for it. That's about the same that I could have paid for the full otc version. Still hoping for the best before I go out and buy Nero. Roxio wants 49.00 to upgrade my version! Please! I might try a tech chat tomorrow and I'll post the results. Thanks in advance for any and all help. btw the My dvd 9 version is the "basic" version v9.
  8. Mods please move as needed! Hello. Just got a Vista machine from HP which I configured myself. It cost me bucks to add on Creator Premiere v9. I thought this would be the equivalent of the top Nero app or at least the oem XP version of Nero which I can use in my sleep but not on Vista. The question is can I burn video ts files onto a dvd with this version? Looked in the help file and it describes features that I can't seem to find. I use dvd s.... k to copy files to my hd. Help is appreciated! If this isn't ot-can Vista burn these files? I tried the burn command from the ts folder but the disc was not playable.(used the mastered config)