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  1. I reinstall Roxio probably several times during the year. I purchased it. It is not out of date. Today when I tried to install Roxio Creator NXT Pro it said had it been installed to many times. What is the problem? Once I pay for something and have the receipt plus the license numbers I should be able to install it any time I want to. Please advise. Mona Martin
  2. mmseptember

    Creator Nxt 2Pro

    I recently had trouble with Creator NXT2 Pro which is not hard to do. When I reinstalled it which I did twice I do not have a desktop icon that shows all the programs, etc. It also does not show up on my Windows 8.1 Pro desktop. Can someone please advise?
  3. mmseptember

    No Sound Roxio Nxt Pro

    I use a Sony HD Camcorder to take my videos. There is no sound when I try to edit it in Video Wave. I purchased Any Video Converter I put the same specs into that program as comes from my Camcorder. It does come up in Roxio NXT Pro but the video is not good. I have Windows 8 Pro OEM. It worked in Windows 7 Pro OEM. Any suggestions as how to get sound?
  4. mmseptember

    Audio Import To Sound Track

    I loaded Roxio NXT Pro in my new notebook and all works fine. I installed Windows 8 into my desktop computer a couple of months ago and now when I am in Video Wave I cannot add audio to my sound track. When you click on Add Audio nothing happens. Used to come up in my music directory with no problem. I have re-installed Roxio at least two times. I am so tired of there program. The only reason I use it is I know how and I have a video to get out. Presume I am going to have to put it on my Notebook as I need to get it done. Should I pay the $25.00 and have them figure it out. When you pay for support do they work with the problem until they get it solved?
  5. mmseptember

    No Sound In Video Wave

    Roxio has not been updated to work in Windows 8 Pro. I have Roxio NXT Pro 2012. When I captured my video from my Sony HD Camcorder on my hard drive and pulled it up in Video Wave there was no sound. The sound was there if you ask to edit a clip and I could get sound by going to the folder I put the video capture in. The way I found to fix it was from another person that was having trouble not quite like mine but close enough to give it a try. I downloaded and purchased "Any Video Converter Pro". It cost me $19.99. Then I pulled my video into the program and output it to Mpeg2. Lo and behold it worked like a champ. So now I can continue editing and complete my Video Project. I wouldn't have cared but this was for a Childrens Concert and I didn't have time to learn a new software. I also purchased Cyberlink Power Director 11 64 bit. Roxio used to be good until Corel purchased it. Now you can't get support like you used to. They haven't done much updating to Roxio in a long time. I have suggested in their fonts when you are doing title's that you be able to see what the fonts look like and of course they couldn't do that. Maybe they don't have people smart enough to figure it out. I am disgusted with their Customer Service and Support. I think they need to get out of the video software business. Corel will tell you their Video Product is better than Roxio and Corel purchased Roxio. So even the people that purchased them doesn't think they are very good.
  6. mmseptember

    No Sound In Video Wave

    I just loaded a video from my camera on my computer. Pulled it up in Video Wave and there is no sound. I can go to the video file and play any of the scenes. Reinstalled and it still won't play in video wave. I have a new laptop and Roxio NXT works just fine there. So what is the problem?
  7. mmseptember

    Program Extras That Came With Roxio Nxt Pro

    Silly Me, I forgot in my haste to install the second disc and the contents. It is loaded now and all is well.
  8. I just purchased a new copy of Roxio Creator NXT Pro. When I downloaded it all was okay. However on my print out from Roxio Yesterday it show me also getting Smartsound Sonicfire, iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner, Unified Color HDR Express. When I downloaded Roxio on my laptop I did not find that. Where would those programs be located?
  9. I just purchased a new laptop. I have been a Roxio customer almost since they started I think. Used to be able call and then you used to be able to email support. Now you can't do either one. I tried to install Roxio Creator NXT Pro on my new laptop and got the message. "You have used the Product Key too many times" I am trying to find out if I have to purchase another license or another disc or Roxio NXT Pro. Can't find it on the website unless I want to pay for an answer. I am not going to do that. So what are my alternatives?