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  1. I just upgraded to Creator 2011 and when I print a paper photo label with a HP Photosmart 8050 the print quality is terrible, colors are light and has streaks running vertically. My older version of Roxio the print quality was very good. If I print any other photo or document the print quality is good. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  2. 90XJ

    Viewing Cd

    Any cd I copy pictures or data can not be viewed on other computers. Read as blank disc. Tried a complete uninstall get same results. Any advice would be appreciated Dave
  3. 90XJ

    Norton Antivirus Issue

    Tried to exclude all roxio files & all temp files that were shown to exclude in next scan. Do I need to show a file extension or just roxio files. Are there any patches from Norton or Roxio available. I am about ready to toss this in the trash!!!
  4. Emc9 works great till Norton does a scan then Emc9 will not open have uninstalled numerous times with same results